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Issa Nash
I enlisted in the Army reserve at a young age but I never saw combat, not by design mind you but I was never activated for service. By "good fight," I was only suggesting that we, as a country, were justified. Is war a good thing? IMO, no. Is it necessary? IMO, yes, for defense. Period. Defense. Are politicians disgusting and vile human beings? Absolutely. But to suggest that the modern Democratic party is anything like the modern GOP is a gross deviation from any reasonable interpretation of fact. The modern GOP party is intent on passing anti-equality laws for the LGBT community. They repeatedly attempt to undermine any scientific consensus for religious and financial reasons. Including stem cell research, female reproductive rights, climate change and the BIGGEST ONE of all, EVOLUTION. There are plenty of religious idiots on the left in the democratic party for sure, but as VP Biden said during his debate with Paul Ryan, He "accepts his church's position on abortion but he refuses to enforce those beliefs on anyone." Meaning, everyone is entitled to believe in BS that religion offers but only vast majority of Republicans try to enforce those idiotic beliefs on people. President Obama has finally achieved an agreement with Iran that would provide proper mechanisms to keep Iran on Nuclear check while simultaneously ushering in a time of peace for the first time in decades with that country. But at every single step of the way, Republicans and their leader, Netanyahu have tried to undermine his authority. If you can make similar claims about the Democrats, I'd be happy to hear them and I don't define myself by the Democratic party, I just know where one party is ABSOLUTELY insane and the other is doing their best to be as rational as possible. That is the case here. Today's GOP is not your father's or grandfather's GOP. They're insane. Their religious idol, Ronald Reagan, would have a hard time getting nominated in the pile of horse***T that is today's Republican party.

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