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19 years after the first Scream movie, MTV has decided to finally make a television show ‘based’ on the film series. I have watched both episodes that are out now (Episode 3 premieres tommorow night). So in the mean time I have decided to compare the television series to the films, from the story to verbal pronunciation, here is my take on the new ‘Scream’ series.

1. Story-

The original scream was, and is, one of my favorite movies of all time. It was one of the first horror films to satirize its own genre. It is also one of the most practical horror films to date. A man in a mask stabbing teens is substantially more realistic than a flying monster eating people every 23 years (love that movie too). The television show however, has followed more in the footsteps of the third and fourth films from the series. No more is ‘Scream’ a fun to watch horror/comedy but instead it has become what the original films were mocking. The original killers (Billy and Stu) motive’s were to get payback for Sidney’s mother sleeping with Billy’s father. Now the series just seems like one-hugely fucked up love story. As for Stu’s motive well…

"You hit me with the phone, dick!"

2. The Characters

The Characters-90% of the cast on the show have bad acting skills. They are more like models portraying actors portraying badly written characters. Almost none of the characters are likeable, the only character that is, is what I would call the main character, Emma, and she is no Sidney. Most of the high-school characters on the show are relatively unknown, following in the footsteps of the movie. Also, the most well-known actress from the show dies in the first 10 minutes just like the original film. Good job writers.

3. The Killer-

The new mask
The new mask

The new mask looks very different. Sure, the mask has the same gaping black holes but it looks more like a ‘Phantom’ mask than anything. Not only does the killer have a new mask, but he also has a new voice. Going back to the killer imitating voices, especially prevalent in the third film, he has already impersonated 2 characters and it seems like this will be a trend. The television series also decided to scrap the gritty, raspy voice translator used through all 4 of the films. The new voice seems a lot more friendlier (Ahh but its true).

4. Execution

I think the weaknesses of the show have more to do with the way they were carried out rather than the way they were written. The actors are what makes any film/show. It doesn’t matter how good a show is written, if the actors are bad, the show will be bad. I mean the cop on episode 2 pronounces GIF as “gif” … (its pronounced ‘Jif’)

Good Writing, Good Acting= Mr. Robot

Good Writing, Bad Acting= Scream

In conclusion...

this show would flourish if they made a few tweaks and took off the ‘Scream’ tag. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone made a pitch about a crazy, deformed, hopeless romantic, slaughtering people for love and then MTV went-

“Hey, You know that scream television show we have been trying to make for years, lets put that name on this”

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Watch the FULL first episode down below-


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