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So I've been hearing a lot of trash talk on this new movie "suicide squad" and frankly, I think it's AMAZING!!! Even tho I've only seen the trailer. But that not the point!! The trailer is so awesome tho go check it out! But anyways if you gonna trash talk this incredible movie then keep it to yourself boo boo. I think they will make millions of dollars without your Ignorant comments. So keep them to yourself. It's not like the maker of the movie is gonna be like oh lookie here. Someone says our movie is going to be trashy and stupid and that nobody is going to watch it. Guess we better stop making the movie and personally message them and ask them what they want to do Because they are such "fantastic" movie directors.

NO! They are NOT going to do that. So your comments mean nothing to them at ALL!!!!! So all you have to do if you don't like the idea of the movie, IS DONT WATCH IT!!!!!! That's all you have to do, okay? Just don't watch it and you shouldn't have any problems! Okay, okay???????

~ Dynasty Redd


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