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Though the Pokemon anime has had movies in the past, I want a full live action movie and cinematic universe with diverse characters and different stories.

Movie #1: RED

This movie will be the first of three, just to show the Pokemon world and set up the rules. It will show Red go on his journey and eventually beat the Elite Four and become the Champion of the Kanto region. It will also introduce other characters such as Blue, Green, and Professor Oak.

Movie #2: Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia

This will focus on a group of Pokemon Rangers, people who help wild Pokemon. The story is about an evil group who want to take over a different region with the help of the legendary Pokemon Darkrai. Eventually everything works out, but it is a very different take on Pokemon that would be very interesting to see.

Movie #3: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is about a human who is turned into into a Pokemon and has no clue who he is and how to get back to human form. He ends up becoming a team with another Pokemon and helps solve problems and find out who he is and how to turn himself back.


Which movie would you like to see?


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