Byahmed karam, writer at

every one has his two faces and sometimes have more than two ... in fact even we deny that ... and even we hate that .. we have to live with it ... its what makes us contain ... fighting our selves .. the concept behind mixing batman and joker is actually what we are ... every one of them has his own faces .. his own mistakes .. but in the end ... each one have the limits that what makes him good or evil ... we are who decide .. you are the only one who writ your history your future .. you are the only one who can draw the way in the darkness .. stand while every one is falling ... stand while the earth shaking around you and eating every thing ... its one life .. on destiny .. do what you think is right ... god well help you for sure .. but .. your first move is what makes you up or down ... that was my concept ...

even in the darkest souls .. there is a tiny light ... if you can see it well and improve it .. you will change them .. in other way you will change yourself by changing them .. dont look at the out side like in the two face .. look at the inside of Harvey dent ... we born like angles ...but life makes us demons ... so we can fix that .. we can heal that ... we will die any way .. so choose what you see carefully...change the way you see things .. you will also change the way your life is


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