ByRob Holmes, writer at
Classic comic book fan, love old school hollywood bios, lover of film and music

You ever come across a film that you think 'you'll give it a go' coz it's a Sunday afternoon, you've had dinner and just want to chill?

Chef is that kind of film - it's a feel good movie with likeable characters (yes, even the wise ass kid is likeable). You get to know them and they make you laugh and smile. The story rolls along nicely building towards a typical but satisfying ending.

I'm not one for divulging the entire story (otherwise why would you want to watch the film?) but let's just say the main character is a chef in a swanky restaurant that feels he needs more out of life. He's in a rut. Divorced, weekend dad, gets on well with his awesomely hot Cuban ex-wife.....when he's at his lowest point he realises his passion and goes with it.

There are some great cameos too (again, watch the film for the 'oh wow').

Seriously, give the film a go. How many people watched 'Lil Miss Sunshine' or 'The Way Way Back' and loved them? This is one of those films.


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