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When you watch this, wipe any thoughts of Will Smith's blockbuster 'I Robot' out of your mind. Go at it with a fresh mind. This is a South African film and yet without the trillions of dollars Hollywood has, they managed to pull off a decent Scifi flick (even if it is only set in the very near future).

Watching Chappie progress throughout the film is funny and endearing, sometimes cringey, but still brilliant the way he interacts with the rest of the characters.

Hugh Jackman plays the villian of the piece and does it so well (also makes a change not to see him in a vest sporting claws ;-) ).

The film really kicks off when it all hits the fan and the ending is cleverly dealt with.

there is cheesey parts in it, but sometimes its great not to watch a film that's all dark and gloomy set in the future (why is it always raining and /or at night in those other films?).


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