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Review system: PlayStation 3

Plot: Spiderman is looking for the person who killed his Uncle Ben. His investigations lead him to a serial killer who may have done the horrible deed.

Graphics: The graphics look pretty great but don't expect anything mind blowing. Some texture pop ins and mild camera problems.

Gameplay: Combat uses the Arkham Formula which is the usual punch then counter. However you can integrate web shooting and web pulling in combat. The web swinging is a blast; no more swinging in the air since the webs must attach to buildings. Web Rush makes a return and allows you to slow time to execute tricky web moves.

Replayability: The are countless things to do in the sprawling open world of New York. You can save people in burning buildings, stop high speed chases, take pictures, and generally beat up trouble makers. The are many costumes that can be unlocked and comic pages to pick up.

Rating: 8.2

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