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The Sons of God web series is getting closer to its premier on September 13th at 7pm EST on the Sons Of God website. Unlike most television and web series, there is no true main character in Sons Of God. Each character gets a moment to shine in this action-packed sci-fi story. Vanessa Noel, a newcomer to the film industry took time to fill me in on her role within the series.

Here's the interview:

Is this your first film project? Yes, its my first big project.

How did you get your start? I started acting doing short films but Sons Of God is my first major role.

Prior to Sons Of God, you did modeling ...right? Yes, I did. I modeled at the age of 19. I decided to do acting which I prefer.

How did you get your role in Sons Of God? I got a call from Leonardo Sanderson months back and he said I got the role after an audition.

Who are you playing? I play Rachel .

She's human? Yes

How does she pair up with her superhuman team? She is an evolved human and very intelligent so she keeps up with the supernatural part of the team. Shes a no nonsense woman.

Whats your favorite part of her character? She's a no nonsense type and that reminds me of myself. During the series she challenges her supernatural teammate which makes her superior.

In Sons Of God, Ariel De Ment plays Pandora who is also a hot head. Do Pandora and Rachel clash throughout the series? Yes, Rachel is calm and Pandora is in your face. They are total opposites. Rachel is level. She has one attitude all the time. She actually challenges Pandora.

Does Rachel fight? Not now, but maybe in the future.

So... Rizo and Rachel are the two humans. Do they have any chemistry on screen? People seem to think that but they have a sibling sort of love.

Well does Rachel eventually have a love interest? (Laughter) maybe in the future.

You can't tell us huh? (laughter) No!

What do you most enjoy about the series? The diversity. There is something for every sci-fi fan. I love sci-fi. I love vamps and werewolves and action!

So you are the new kid on the block when it comes to acting. What is it like working with all of the talented cast members? I love them. I love seeing us come together and put in the work to make this amazing project happen.

Well thank you Nessa Noel for giving me this time. Where can people find you? I'm on twitter, instagram,and facebook.

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