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A request i got for an oc and Parasite one-shot.

Parasite slams onto his back from a mighty blow by superman, on of the top six of the Justice League. He lays there in pain, eyes closed, beaten from yet another defeat.

"Superman to watch Tower, do you copy?" Superman communicated threw an ear piece. There was a moment before he got a reply by Martian Manhunter.

"this is John, we copy. Sending two members to transport him back to Stryker's island. Good work."

Superman smiled as he zoomed into the sky, just as the help beamed to transport Parasite.


Flash and Victoria, along with Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl all sit at a table together talking, since just finishing lunch.

"Did you hear? Parasite tried pulling another sceem again," Flash shook his head.

Vicki's eyes look up slightly at the name of her boyfriend. "Really?" she said trying to hide her disappointment.

Flash nodded. "Took him right back to the island.'

"Flash!" Hawkgirl tried whispering threw clenched teeth.

"V!" Vicki heard her name from behind and turned around only to see Superman in the doorway.

"Do you have a moment?" he asks as Vicki nods and follows him out into the hall. "We need to talk about Rudy. He's your boyfriend and he's been pulling these same stunts for months. stealing and almost killing because of his power, and you being his girlfriend and all, the things he's been doing i feel that it is unwise and unsafe-"

"I'll talk to him," She said strongly.

"I hope so because if he cannot turn, he will be moved, to a stronger location," Superman nods.

"Ya," she nods back as he leaves her. She looks out the window at Earth with a sigh.


"Parasite, you have a visitor," a guard announced dully. He had awoken Parasite with 5 loud bangs on the door.

The door unlocks, opening to see Vicki come in with a slight smile.

Rudy's eyes lit up as he jolted up and ran to her, saying her name once he hugs her dearly, ending with a passionate kiss.

As they broke apart, Vicki looks deep into his eyes. "why," she said, with such sadness, but remained strong.

He sighed and slowly turned away from her. "i try to stop. I truly do, i just....i can't," he frowns slightly.

"Yes you can Rudy, if we jus-"

"No i can't!" he said sterner than he wanted. "Don't you see?" he looks at his hands, motioning to the rest of his body. "i was irradiated with an isotope that transformed me, this! The only way for my survival now...i'm forced to absorb the life energies of other living things!" he looks down, and sighs trying to calm down. "If i just got my hands on the blasted superman...oh the power running threw those veins."

Vicki gets up slowly, trying to get his attention. "Rudy?"

" main power battery...." he continued.

"Rudy!" Vicki yells making him turn around. "The crimes your making are whats putting you back in this place. YOUR separating us from each other. I know your fully capable of controlling yourself." She steps towards him as she grasps the necklace, that he had given her, around her neck.

His face softens. "I remember when i gave you that," he puts a hand to her cheek as he looked at it.

"I as well," and she looks down, but looks back up with slightly pleading eyes. "If you stop stealing, we could be together, more if you weren't always in jail."

There was a dead silence between the two as Parasite holds Victoria's hands in his and he perks up slightly. "Perhaps i might prove myself?"

"what?" Vicki looked at him with one eye brow raised.

He smiles. "I'm not the only bad guy in Metropolis. You find me a villain before one of the other Justice League show up, that way they'll see me, acting like a hero," He smiles and stares at her who stares back.

"I don't know, i mean, it's risky," She shakes her head slightly.

"Please Victoria. I'll do it for us," he smiles at her.

The door swung open, startling the guard as Vicki and Rudy came out. Vicki looked at the guard who tried to protest. "He's with me."

"V. Disturbance in Metropolis Square. Do you copy?" John communicated to Vicki. Earlier they had arrived deep in the city when John communicated threw her ear piece, making both of the stop.

"I copy. Who is it?" She replied back, giving Parasite a thumbs up, saying that this might be it.

"Captain Boomerang. I will send you back-up."

"No need. I can handle it John," She looked ahead of her.

"Very well. Good luck and be safe".

Vicki grabbed Parasites arm with a smile on her face and started to run.

"Where are we going?" he asked trying to catch up.

"I'll explain on the way!"


"Look out!" Vicki called, making them both duck as a Boomerang shot threw the sky over them.

"I missed," Someone teased as they looked to see Captain Boomerang, or just Boomerang,walking in there direction. "You know for someone so pretty, i wouldn't imagine you being with a guy like...that," he motioned to Rudy as he looked at Vicki. Parasite glares and takes a fighting stance as Boomerang formed a pure energy Boomerang as Vicki backs away slowly, for it was there fight.

Immediately the fight was on as they charged each other. Boomerang throwing multiple Boomerangs skillfully as Parasite was suppost to take him down by not his own 'power' for Vicki had told him it might kill him, him as in the person he drained it from. Parasite had landed a few punches but Boomerang was slightly quicker.

"You know, she would be better off with someone like me. you don't deserve her!" he yelled as he flipped over Rudy and kicked him in the side.

"That's a lie! I've been nothing but good to her! were just working things out! you don't know her!" Parasite grits his teeth as he and Boomerang's hands come together, facing each other, trying to push.

"In till one day you kill her by accident!" Boomerang smiled slightly but suddenly got a shocked face as Parasite yelled, anger and sadness filled him as he purposely started to suck the power out of boomerang in till he hears yelling behind him, looking to see Vicki running over to him to

stop. He looked behind him then to Boomerang and releases him immediately, which he collapsed on the floor, alive but slightly unconcess.

"Oh Rudy you tried," she hugs him, knowing that he probably failed, but motions for him to look, seeing Superman with a serious look on his face as he comes up to him.

"Parasite," he started.

"It was an accident! i swear! he got me angry and i couldn't think straight-" Rudy told him almost close to pleading. He did not want to get separated from his love again.

"I know which is why i'm not counting it. V called me to come and see you try. I know you can improve. Anyone can get put on the right path if they work hard enough. Just remember that. We'll be keeping updates," Superman nods to them both, staring ar Rudy longer, before he turns to leave, talking to a league member for a moment.

"Rudy! your getting a chance!" she hugs him making him smile.

"I'll get better at controlling myself, and my power...." he looks to Superman. "power."

"all that power."


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