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Just a girl who LOVES Anime, reading, writing, Marvel, DC, YouTube making,.......Just a lot of stuff XD
Sam S

(I won't tell you what it's about, but here's a piece of it. :) )


I scream bloody Murder as i fall helplessly into a crouch on the floor, squeezing my hands onto the sides of my head. Images. Horrible images flood my mind, making me scream even louder, that even if i open my eyes, they would never leave. My nails scratch down down my face, trying to get them out. As tears roll uncontrollably off the sides, i manage to look up at the horrid man. "Stop, please," i cry, only for it to come out like a whisper. My eye roll back and i collapse onto my side, everything goes dark.

COMING SOON: Repus (this will probably be in book 2 when i finally finish writing book 1 on paper)


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