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One of the most profitable things in entertainment now-a-days is the Cinematic Universe. We've all seen them - the MCU from Marvel, The DCCU, and the upcoming Star Wars and Universal Monsters universes. We all love them (at least, most of us do). We all pay for them. With this idea blatantly obvious to every important person in Hollywood, there will no doubt be several more cinematic universes in our future.

What's one of the most popular entities in geek culture that has recently been doing well in box offices everywhere, and would do exceedingly well as a cinematic universe due to a wealth of great characters, mythos, and expansion potential?

That's right, kids: Star Trek!


If Star Wars can make big money off of several solo character films, then so can it's biggest rival in the sci-fi entertainment business.

Here are some ideas for potential films...

1.) The Kirk Chronicles

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is undoubtedly the main/most important character of the Star Trek universe, whether it be William Shatner or Chris Pine. I propose that we have a film where he get's stranded on a planet while on the five year mission. Most likely not a deserted planet, because we all know that Kirk has and undeniable charisma when it comes to interaction with other people (or aliens). Particularly women. What if Kirk were to be stranded on a planet of only women. A planetary version of Themyscira, if you will. This would provide loads of potential for classic Kirk dialogue and other. To make the film a little more interesting, we would also be provided a flashback driven back story for Jim Kirk's father... played by none other than Chris Hemsworth, the star of another cinematic universe that we all know and love.

Must-Have Scene:

It would be a huge bonus if, somehow, the film included a scene where either Kirk or his father has to fight a Gorn. We all know how much this universe loves to bring back iconic scenes from the original series. It also wouldn't hurt to have a Shatner cameo in the same vein as Nimoy's in the first two films (possibly as Kirk's grandfather???).

2.) Spock: Prisoner of War

Okay, my idea for this film is to have Spock and Uhura get married in the beginning (I know, awwww). This would add an emotional aspect to help drive the rest of the film. Soon after the marriage (which would have to take place during the five year mission), Spock would be beamed down to a planet for some reason with a couple Red Shirts (they all die, of course). While on the planet, Spock would be captured by a race of aliens who consider themselves to be at war with Star Fleet. Throughout this movie, Spock would be given the task of starting a rebellion with a ragtag group of aliens and Star Fleet officers while Uhura tries desperately to recover her lost husband by kicking up and hopefully blowing things up with cool weapons.

Must-Have Scene:

There must be a scene in which Spock utters the famous line: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one." On top of that, there is going to be a high demand for Vulcan death grips, I'm sure. I'm also totally okay with a scene in which Spock awkwardly has to tell Uhura that he loves her, or that loving her is the logical thing to do.

3.) Hikaru Sulu's Day Off

Just kidding.

3.) Pike: Origins

Everybody remembers Captain Pike, right? He was the first ever Star Trek captain. The pilot episode of the original series didn't feature Captain Kirk at all, but instead, starred Christopher Pike. In the new movie franchise, Captain Pike is one of the main characters. In the first film, Pike convinces Kirk to join Star Fleet by telling him about his father's feats as a short term captain. With this film, we'd get to see an origin for this character, who is often overlooked. The best part is that we would get to tie it in with Star Trek (2009) and possibly the film idea mentioned earlier, The Kirk Chronicles.

Must-Have Scene:

I'm thinking that there should be a plot twist that has Pike deal with a problem that was actually something that Kirk had to handle in the original series. My personal favorite idea for this is having a cinematic recreation of Trouble With Tribbles, one of the most famous Star Trek episodes ever. Or they could always recreate The Cage, which is the previously mentioned first appearance of Pike and first episode of Star Trek ever.

"My chicken sandwich and coffee."
"My chicken sandwich and coffee."

With the success of the current franchise, I believe that viewers would flock to see these exciting installments to one of their favorite nerdy movie franchises.

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