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Contest Entry: Expansion of the Hasbro Cinematic Universe.

Let's get to business I am about to produce a brilliant Hasbro Cinematic Universe expansion concept statement on movies we deserve.

The Basics.


Let's just say that because of the Autobot and Decepticon war spilling over onto our vulnerable planet earth that left Chicago in ruins but, in the wreckage that littered the city alien tech that was recovered. It started to dwarf every aspect of technology on earth. So the human tech war race was on from the very 1st announcement of the transformers.

G.I. Joe.

This is what raised the bar on the war between the Joe's and cobra. And right now the troops are in total revamp mode and the transformers are no longer on planet earth. Looks like earth's last chance is riding the bench nursing injuries.

Masters of the Universe.

With the upcoming Masters of the Universe film we could deepen the story. For instance what if the war on cybertron set in motion events unaware to the transformers that put the multi-verses in great danger. So in steps He-man.

Now for my 3 expansion movies.

COPS: Transhuman War.

Their Leader: Bulletproof

As noble as your favorite hero Bulletproof proof can stand toe to toe with the best. Let's say transformer tech has even been used to improve the human body to super-human type levels introducing Cops.

M.A.S.K. Armor core

Their Leader: Matt Trakker.

Let's make Matt our rich playboy with a heart of gold. I see him as a rouge billionaire who's team keeps him grounded they used the transformer tech to improve combat armor, vehicles and aircrafts defensive as well as offensive capabilities.

The Visionaries: Spectrum Awakening.

Their Leader: WritterQuick.

WritterQuick will be our spiritual genius that happens to look like a jock. A very humble fighter he leads the Spectral Knights. They used the transformer tech for energy purposes which transformed their armor giving them energy based weapons and capabilities. They could be a closer link to He-man do to the magic tech aspect. So there's my quick expansion until next time Moviepiloters.


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