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Kevin Cassidy
We have phones that are mini computers, we communicate with others on a global scale unheard of except in comics and scifi. I have read comics for the better part of 20 years since i was about 6 yrs old. I have read comics with Batman as Bruce Wayne and comics with Thomas Wayne as Batman, spider man as parker spider man as miles. Thor as a man an as a woman, I have read the full run of aquaman from his days from riding seahorses to being now on the run from atlantis due to a strange dimension we are only learning about. Im about to embark on the new Cyborg story next week and read the tales of Suicide Squad in the latest iteration. Comic books are a form of literature could and in my opinion should be used as a form of current events of pop culture. In the 90's we saw an explosion of aggressiveness in heroes aquaman had a hook, superman a mullet and he even died. We saw marvel have a civil war. These are events that are hard to forget and to retcon and or reboot. Dc recently had Convergence where they brought back some of the best moments of the past 3 years. Superman and Lois were married and had a son. The Titans, dick, starfire, garth, beast boy were together again. In october DC is launching an ongoing post convergence story focusing on Lois and CLark being married, but keeping the current Superman whose powers are failing around as well as Val Zod on Earth 2 as Superman. Changes will happen. we either stick with it or dont. I saw lets look to the future and see what will happen.

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