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Expanded Universes

Let's face it there are a ton of great ideas that will be entered in the this contest. I myself can think of about ten different stories that deserve an expanded universe that are no brainners for most us. First off I am extremely excited for Star Wars to be expanded by Disney and because its becoming a reality I didn't want to take it there. If your like me your were also excited when you found out about the Dragon Ball Z and Avatar The Last Air Bender adaptations; however unfortunately were ultimately a let down. I think those to Stories should both get a crack at a revamp, and M. Nightshamalan (I hope I slaughtered his name, I'm not going to look it up since he couldn't get his actress to say Aang's name correctly) never gets to do a movie his way ever again. But let's get down to my ideas.

Alien Vs Predator

Yes, I realize that these two universes have been expanded into each other already, and with 10 movies already created and an eleventh on the way, you may think there is no need to expand any further, however I beg to differ.

An Origin Story

Can we all agree that Predator (Yautja) needs an Origin Story? I mean there might be a comic or graphic novel that already exists that I am oblivious too. One could argue that the first AVP movie was in fact an origin story about why they are on earth in the first place however it doesn't explain where the Yautja first encountered the Xenomorph. The most recent installment of the Predator franchise was good but their is no real explanation as to why people are brought from earth to that planet to be hunted, and don't you find it strange that people that worshiped the Yautja as Gods would ever be resilient enough to even be considered prey?

I truly enjoyed Prometheus; to me it was a great all around wrap up as an origin story for Humans and the Xenomorph however as history and timelines don't exactly match up for any of the movies except in there given universes I would like to see some cohesion revamped in a new Extended Universe that pre-dates the Predator species bring the Xenomorph to earth. Perhaps a long time ago in a galaxy far far away? But seriously this what I envision after watching any one of the 10 movies.

The Predator, Xenomorph & The Engineers Expantion

The First Installment

Going back to the roots of the Alien anthology, we find ourselves following the Engineers to the crashing of one of their ships; that is carrying 100's of the so called "Facehuggers". However this time they don't crash on an uninhabited planet. This planet is full life, species that we couldn't imagine. One of the most under rated elements of the Xenomorphs are the characteristics which are taken from their hosts image. After the crash, the "Facehuggers" escape the ship, and start latching on to anything and everything, aquatic, land, and flying creatures alike. One of the Engineers escapes the crash and attempts to elude the Xenomorphs. His main goal is to reach an settlement he saw as they were going down. Upon entering the settlement, he is set upon by the intelligent life form of the planet. As the Engineer tries to communicate with them, we hear screams coming from their village; and that's where it ends, to the sounds of screams.

The Second Installment

The second installment would start nearly at the same spot as it ended; to the sounds of screams. However this time it's the Engineers screams as he is being torn apart by an other worldly Xenomorph. We learn shortly after that the inhabitants have got the message loud and clear and are beginning to take measures to save their planet. Fortunately this planet was settled, and the beings here are able to escape to the stars for the most part. The majority of this installment will be about the remaining inhabitants attempting to survive in the settlement from the wild range of different sub-species of the Xenomorph. During this short period of time, the escaped colonists journey to a central hub (Similar to Coruscant) to recruit the help of the Yautja a species renowned for hunting and killing the most dangerous game. To gain their help a deal is struck. In there arrogance they send three established warriors, to help save and rescue the remaining inhabitants of the planet. Once arriving back to the planet it isn't long before they realize they have underestimated the situation. Just one of the three barely make it off that rock with a handful of inhabitants. The surviving inhabitants are reunited with the others that escaped to find help; that's when they learn of the deal that was struck to gain there help, which remains to be unfulfilled.

The Third Installment

Realizing that they have failed to save the planet from the Xenomorphs which leaves their bargain unfulfilled they decide to return to the planet in full force. In this installment the Yautja in full force makes relatively quick work of moping up the sub-specie of the Xenomorph. On the other hand there is a handful of sub-species of the Xenomorph that give the Yautja a more than difficult time. In fact it is this sub-species that they deem their greatest trophy and it also specifically comes from the deviation that is the inhabitant life form of the planet. Unbeknownst to the settlers, the day the Engineer's ship crashed a group of gathers that were out gathering and went to investigate. Because of the level of intelligence the inhabitants have the Xenomorphs that come from their deviations are much more difficult to kill. But after countless losses to the Predator species, they finally kill off all but one which they manage to capture; which turns out to be a queen. After removing the it from the planet, the Yautja's end of the bargain is complete and the inhabitants must fulfill theirs; offer up 5,000 of their people to become slaves of the Yautja.


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