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Does Batman kill? Should he kill? Why or why not? When is it okay for Batman to cross that line? These are but some of the many constantly asked questions that come up whenever you start to bring up if the Dark Knight has a kill count. Whether you think he should kill bad guys or not, I most definitely don't and I have a valid reason why he absolutely can't kill in the DC Cinematic Universe.

1. It's His Moral Code

If Batman kills, what a waste of years of character buildup. This guy has no problem going outside of the law when it comes to say...blowing up property...breaking criminal legs and leaving them out in the cold, or my personal favorite...hanging bad guys from great heights and then dropping and watching them fall to stomach churning lengths, only to end up leaving them suspended upside down from a line. But Batman will not do one thing. He will never kill. It's his moral code. His reasoning for who and what he is and why he's better than those he battles. He may act as judge and jury, but he doesn't act as executioner. If he did, he'd be just as bad as his homicidal rogues gallery.

2. His Villains Wouldn't Last Long...

If Bats started snapping necks and cracking skulls, his entire, be it long list of villains would not last more than a few days. Truth be told, this is why the writers came up with the "no kill rule" early on. Because if Batman killed, he wouldn't be needed for very long, because every criminal in Gotham would be dead. This brings me to my main point which is...

3. If Batman Kills Some, why doesn't he kill others?

In the new Batman v Superman trailer, during his battle in the desert, we perceive Batman to snap a guys neck.

Not only do you see it happen, but there is also a certain *snap* effect when he does this. Also in the previous trailer you see what could questionably be the bat-wing fire upon a car, exploding it and presumably killing the two guys only feet from it.

If Batman can tolerate killing a few common henchmen here and there, than why wouldn't he just kill the Joker?!

Especially this universes Joker who obviously did some very messed up things to one of the Robins probably killing him. Why wouldn't Bats go find Joker directly after these events and kill him. I mean he's far worse and more dangerous than these everyday thugs we keep seeing.

4. If Batman Kills ONLY Henchmen, it doesn't pan out well when you really start to think about it...

Batman's rule as we've discussed, keeps his villains alive. But if he kills thugs and henchmen but not his rogues gallery, it makes it seem like Batman enjoys their company. Now don't get me wrong, Batman loves fighting injustice, but because he wants to end it and because he HATES it. Not because he gets adrenaline rushes after a fight with Killer Croc or Bane. Batman does it simply for the "I want Justice" reason. If he only kills the henchmen, it's like he's just killing pawns in a dirty, messy game of chess. He chooses to never capture the queen, because then the game would be over. Not killing anyone prevents this possibility from happening and keeps us from thinking of Batman as a sick minded individual who wants to play Hero.

It does seem this newer version of Batman sure does love delivering a decent beating.

That's just one opinion though. What are your ideas about Batman cracking a few skulls here and there? Let me know if the comments below.


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