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If clothes make the man, then a good pair of shades makes for an even greater face. The digital illustrator known only as Capitoni has devoted a whole Tumblr page to cataloging the most famous cinematic eye wear and the actors that wore them.

What can a great pair of shades make you believe? In the case of Geordi Laforge (Levar Burton) from Star Trek: The Next Generation it convinced me that only this particular blind man can pilot the Enterprise.

For all the other mortals that inhabit other cinematic universes, a great pair of Ray-Bans will do, the most popular being Wayfarer.

Let me know your favorites in the comments.

Tom Cruise from Risky Business in Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Natalie Portman from The Professional in Ray-Ban RB3447 (most likely option)

Johnny Depp from Donnie Brasco in Ray-Ban Aviator

Clint Eastwood from Sudden Impact in Gargoyles Ansi Classics

Steve Buscemi from Reservoir Dogs in Ray-Bay Wayfarer

Tim Roth from Reservoir Dogs in Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Harvey Keitel from Reservoir Dogs in Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs in Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Quentin Tarantino from Reservoir Dogs in Ray-Ban Predator

Elijah Wood from Sin City Wearing Two Generic Circles In the Dark

Al Pacino from Donnie Brasco in Cazal 968

Rody Piper from They Live in Ray-Ban Drifter

Robert Duval from Apocalyspe Now in Randolph Engineering Aviator

Peter Weller from Robocop in a Beta Version of Google Glass (not!)

Will Smith from In Focus in Sama Loree Rodkin Hunter

Steve McQueen from The Thomas Crown Affair in Persol 714

Kurt Russell from Death Proof in Ray-Ban 4071

Kiko Rivera from Torrente in Ray-Ban Outdoorsman

Buster Keaton from Safety Last in His Famous Round Glasses

Chris Hemsworth from Rush in Carerra Speedway

Levar Burton from Star Trek in His Futuristic Visor

John Belushi from The Blues Brothers in Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Bradley Cooper from American Sniper in Wiley-X Saint

Anthony Michael Hall from The Breakfast Club in Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Denzel Washington from The Book of Eli in Oakley Inmate

Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's in Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan

Jim Carrey from Ace Venutra: Pet Detective in Ray-Ban Predator

Will Smith from Men in Black in Ray-Ban Predator

John Heder from Napolean Dynamite in Nondescript Glasses

Johnny Depp from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas in Ray-Ban Shooter Aviator

Eddie Murphy from Beverly Hills Cop 2 in Carerra 5621

Sylvester Stallone from Cobra in Ray-Ban Outdoorsman

Tom Cruise from Top Gun in Ray-Ban Aviator

John Goodman from The Big Lebowski in Ray-Ban Kalichrome Shooters

Jamie Foxx from Django Unchained in Inspired Glasses by Charles Bronson’s Character in The White Buffalo

Joaquin Phoenix from Her in Warby Parker Begley

Wesley Snipes from Blade in Oakley Four

Clint Eastwood from Dirty Harry in Ray-Ban Balorama

Al Pacino from Scarface in Carerra 5622

Via Design Taxi.

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