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OH MY... Do I ever wish they could join the MCU! I mean, can you imagine what it would be like if Fox decided not to be such a huge dink and actually allow the FF and the X-men into the MCU? But, they're dinks...

But, let's hypothesize here for a second, what if tomorrow they announced, Fox joining the party? How could the x-men and by extension The Fantastic Four join the rest of their buddies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Here is my theory of how Marvel could possibly pull it off on the big screen to the joy of comic book nerds as myself.



For many of us fans we know that dimension portals exist in the Marvel universe and so does time travelling and alternate realities. It can be confusing even at times to figure it all out.

We do know also that Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic-o himself, being the amazing genius among the likes of Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Henry Pym, etc...

Well he likes to create technology that allows such things, in the modern days of comics you can see that when Marvel Zombies try to invade the Ultimate universe or in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) with the portal to the negative zone or their time travelling adventures, heck! Even the Age of Ultron arc that shattered the walls between the 616 and the Ultimate universe.

There lies our solution!

It would have to begin in a movie including both the X-men and the Fantastic Four.


A movie that would see both major groups facing off at the beginning to see them face a common major foe.

My pick would have to be someone such as Doctor Doom, yes the doomster.

Hear me out, hear me out. We know that Doctor Doom has faced both the X-men and the FF, he is quite the powerful being, not only a genius but also has powers and delves into the dark arts. He is one of the strongest wizards of the MU.

So, because I'm also not sure which characters still belong to Marvel, let's go with Dr. Doom as the main villain , let's say he either manages to steal a machine that allows time and dimension travelling or perhaps even make it and during and intense end of movie battle before the heroic finale, saving the day, yay!!

BANG! Both the X-men and the FF and Doom fall into the MCU and tada! they fall face to face with the Avengers of that timeline beginning a whole new movie and ending this one.

I hear you, I hear you, but what about the villains and everyone else from the FF/X-men Fox universe, how do they make it in there? I'm not there yet, I'm not getting paid to hypothetize long hours! I have a job you know? But I'll come back to it eventually, enough of my ranting.

Next step?

A vs X
A vs X


Now, it would follow the original line of the A vs X story other than the fact that we would have an epic fight between the X-men and The Avengers while the FF try to figure out a way to understand what just happened and where exactly they are while Doom would most probably go under to study this brand new world.

Now you ask, why would the X-men and the Avengers fight it off, well in the original Marvel universe the mutants are often seen as humankind's biggest threat.

Not only that but the MCU, thanks to the main movies and the Agents of Shield show has established that now, the inhumans of that universe are being targeted as mankind s biggest threat and they are hunted down or persecuted and the powered humans concern keeps growing in this universe. So it wouldn't be too far-fetched to imagine that mutants showing up out of nowhere and destroying a couple things in a battle in San-Fran or New-York would make Shield s radars go off and then call in the Avengers to identify and contain the threat believing it is another group of dangerous Inhumans.

After the dust settles and probably a few mutants being captured and studied, they would find out that they are not inhumans but in fact a new, unknown species of homo sapiens, homo superior.

They would then become part of it and you wouldn't really need to change the existing cast of X-men in the recent movies, if the ingredients work don't mess with it! You could keep all of them in there and just introduce them into the MCU.

The battle would then continue into Dr. Doom and trying to capture him and containing him.

Okay, next step. What of the rest of the Fox universe would it be simply wiped out or what?

infinity war
infinity war

You guessed it! Infinity war, the ideal choice would have been something like the original Age of Ultron story that saw some elements of the 616 universe cross into the Ultimate universe but seeing that they did that already and changed it a whole lot. This is my next solution and the reason why is because of these little precious gems.

the infinity gems
the infinity gems

My main focus being the time and reality gems, what if Marvel decided that for the movies they would tweak their powers just a little cause a ripple through multiple dimensions and time and thus, effectively bringing the MCU to a shatter and ending phase 3?

We would now see a follow up to such a huge event in a movie that could very well be titled Secret Wars and would follow something fairly close to what we're witnessing in the Marvel universe at this point. A whole new world made of all the other universes around the original one, merging, breaking off and coming as one hell of a fresh new brownie with all the nuts and chocolate chips and maybe some weed in it...

It would then bring in, better said, pull in the remainder of the Fox Marvel universe in and we would then have something completely amazing. The entire MU portrayed on the big screen as so many of us wish!

Please let me know what you think, if you have any other ideas or suggestions. Perhaps even things I may have missed?


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