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Rafi Scott Ortiz

I have seen the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer 2 like about 20 times by now. That's how good this epic trailer is. It is amazing. We must give credit to Zack Snyder and team for this amazing presentation. Great job, so epic. So what's my take on this trailer? How do I interpret it?

It seems to follow the events of Man of Steel where Zod destroyed that building with his laser vision. Now, I dont understand how could Batman blame Superman for what happened. People died on those buildings, probably people dear to Bruce Wayne. This is why Bruce is so angry with Superman. But why blame Supes? You must blame General Zod who wanted to do genocide.

It seems that Batsie has been retired for a while, since he looks kinda of old. But after the events of Man of Steel, Batsie decides to confront Supes. Alfred warms Bruce about turning cruel because of resentment and and urge for vengeance.

The government does not trust Supes. They are not sure if he is good or bad. Many peopel dont want Supes on Earth, since they saw what Zod did to Earth. Others worship Superman: they see him as a savior, god, angel and protector. Shoot, let's start the Church of Superman!

Lex looks creepy as hell. He confiscate Zod's dead body. I think Lex is going to do a clone out of that body: a superman. Notice that at the end of the trailer Lex says: the red CAPES are coming. Cape is in plural, not singular. So I assume Lex is referring to the good Superman and a clone of Superman (mixed with Zod's dna) that are coming to kill Batman. But Batman is not waiting, he is going after Supes before even Supes blinks. Batsie uses his high tech armor to kick Supes' ass of steel. We also see Lex having Kryptonite. So, we can say that Lex has an advantage over Superman since it seems he has figure out Supes' weakness.

I don't understand what is Wonder Woman's role in this movie. Unless, she is helping Batsie fight Superman, or she will be fighting the Superman clone or maybe Doomsday. There are rumors that Doomsday may be made out of Zod's corpse (or maybe Bizarro?). I think that would be a great twist since Lex has no good intentions.

Why this movie is called Dawn of Justice? Could it be that at the end of the movie the Justice League makes a cameo appearance in order to stop the Superman clone? Or could it be that justice (fairness) must be done to Superman (it is not his fault that Zod wanted to kill all humans and turn Earth into a Krypton). I dont know. I just cant wait for Batman vs Superman to come. 2016 is so far. 2016 come NOW.


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