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Try to look past the fact that I'm way behind on movies this summer. Now that I don't work at a movie theater anymore, I have to worry about giving up a fortune just to sit in an auditorium, let alone enjoy some snacks at the same time. The point is that I just returned from seeing Disney-Pixar's newest adventure, Inside Out.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, as I do with most of DP's outings, but I thought it would be better for me to give some specific reasons as to why, and I've narrowed it down to two shining examples. I'll keep it short and to the point for those of you who don't care for long reviews.

1. The Wow Factor

When I refer to "The Wow Factor" in this case, I'm talking about the creative elements in the movie. Once I walked out of the theater, I turned to my wife and told her about how I felt that this was the most creative idea that DP has had in a long time.

It took a very simple concept - our emotions trying to maintain the balance inside our minds - and it blew it out to its' most epic proportions. The concept was expanded beyond the simple daily routine of our emotional guardians, to include aspects of our minds such as memories, our subconscious thoughts, and even giving a face to our imaginary friends. This film finally put faces to how our brain works on a daily basis.

Disney-Pixar films never have a problem presenting creativity, but there have been a few that, for me personally, have missed the mark. This one made up for those few mis-steps and really brought the power of imagination through.

2. Easy to Relate to

As we journeyed into the emotional states of the surrounding characters in the film, it was easy to find a state of mind that you could relate to. In the main character, Riley's case, you found a state of teenage angst, emotional turmoil, and a struggle to survive in new surroundings. In her mother's head, you found the emotions struggling to keep composure and to relate to Riley in a subtle, yet thoughtful way, as to relate to her daughter.

Then, we come to Riley's the way, did you catch the game last night? Oh, I'm sorry, my mind wandered. What were we talking about?

Is he serious right now?
Is he serious right now?

The father's emotions are too preoccupied thinking about "manly" things to listen to the conversation going on around them. Then, just like all men, when we realize that something is happening that needs our attention, we improvise and hope that we land on safe ground.

No matter who you are, this movie speaks to you and makes it easy to relate to at least one of the characters' state of mind. It's so much more enjoyable for me when there's something I can connect to emotionally (literally in this movie).

What did you think of Inside Out? Was there something that you would've liked to see added/changed? Do you have any ideas for a possible sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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