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I am always one for voicing your opinion, lord knows I have mine, but there is a line, and I am not sure that many people understand there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed.

The gang
The gang

The Originals has had a long love-hate relationship with their fans, mainly because a lot of the fans are just annoyed because Klaus didn't end up with another character, Caroline, from their sister show The Vampire Diaries. Now, for a lot of people, that would be an "OK, this is just a show, let me get to enjoy new characters and new stories and move on."

Unfortunately, with as big of a fan base and the popularity of The Vampire Diaries, some just can't move on. And while that is OK to some degree, like what you will, it has pushed some boundaries on whether or not something is necessary to say.

Possibly one of the only people to have felt this as keenly as the writers is actress Leah Pipes, who plays group therapist and some times possible love interest to Klaus, Cami. Routinely she is called names by fans, told she looks old, and has had people say she needs to be fired over twitter. This isn't through any fault of her own, she has shown no signs of being a bad role model or person so far as I can tell, her only downfall is that she is, in fact, in the way of Klaus getting together with Caroline.

Last May, TV Fanatic did their 2015 Finale Awards. There was the usual "Best Cliffhanger," "Biggest wtf Moment," etc. But none were an actual attack on any one person. Except for the "GTFO Award."

Character Who Needs to GTFO (or Totally Nonessential Character): Unfortunately, this one goes to Camille on The Originals. There was so much potential with this beautiful and brainy blonde at the start of the series, but she's spent two entire seasons pandering to man tears without a point or purpose of her own. She's mostly only being kept around as a pseudo-sorta-kinda love interest for Klaus, but no one seems to be biting on that particular romance. Time for Cami to GTFO.

This person says this, despite the fact that Cami has been the group therapist, has dated Marcel (not Klaus) at one point, saved Klaus from his father, and baby sat Hope, amongst other things. But because she is a possible love interest for Klaus, an actress should lose her source of income.

This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con and Leah caught up with TV Fanatic and finally was able to give her own two cents on the matter.

There is, of course, a joking tone in her voice but the fact that she remembered clearly means that this stuck with her. No matter if it's "just" a character, it's hard to not take what is said about you or someone you portray personally. To be attacked so much for a character that Leah has said she is proud of and loves playing, stating numerous times she doesn't want Cami killed off, that has to hurt her.

Facing adversity is a challenge, but as Leah says she "likes winning challenges."

I'm glad that Leah could smile about it, and I am proud of her for standing up for herself. Here's to many more seasons where Cami is "still around."

As someone who is a fan of the show, and even more of the actress, it truly makes me sad that we are going into Season 3 and she is still having to deal with things like this. She is a great actress, and an even better person, and she really doesn't get the credit she deserves when it comes to this show.

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