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For all you X-Men fans out there, and any fan who enjoyed [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942), the extended edition that has been called "the Rogue Cut" is a must see for all of us! Even though this director's cut of the film didn't change the overall story, or ending of the original film it added a new subplot with Rogue, a re-kindled romance and a few other tidbits! Here's what I spotted!

X-Men Argue Over Ethics of Time Travelling

When Xavier, Magneto, Storm and Wolverine meet up with Iceman, Kitty and their friends they have a plan to go back in time and change the world's future. Xavier asks questions about how Kitty's powers work, and suggests to her that he wants to go back in time to stop Mystique from murdering Trask which sets off the Sentinel program exactly like the original theatrical version.

This conversation sparks an argument that goes more in depth than the original where Kitty urges Xavier to reconsider, that her power would tear him apart. Wolverine steps in and they agree that his mind can handle it. During this same discussion Colossus, Blink, Bishop and Sunspot bring up arguments that if Wolverine succeeds none of them would remember anything and that it's very possible that some of them could never be born, and that the history of the world would be altered in ways they don't understand. While this argument is valid, in the end they agree that it's worth the risk because the world is about as bad as it can get anyway.

While this extra dialogue isn't really necessary, and doesn't necessarily move the plot forward it is a fun scene because Blink, Bishop, Sunspot and Warpath are new characters and Colossus is a character we've seen very little of. It was nice to see their individual personalities.

Quicksilver's Other Sister?

While it could be a throwaway line most wouldn't catch it is there. When Xavier, Wolverine and Beast walk into Quicksilver's house his deadbeat mother allows the strangers to wander downstairs alone with her son and she tells her younger daughter to go upstairs and play with her sister. The little girls replies with disgust. While this could be nothing, and this woman could have children that aren't fathered by Magneto, we know from our comics that Quicksilver has two sisters: the Scarlet Witch his twin, and Polaris who can control metal like their father Magneto. However since the twins have a different mother than Polaris it's unlikely she'd be in the same house.

"I don't care who you screw"

While it was another throw away line it made me laugh. After the fight between Beast, Mystique and Magneto hit the news Nixon and Trask watc it in the Oval Office. Trask says he wants her (Mystique) alive, but for "research", to which Nixon replies "I don't care who you screw, as long as it isn't me."

Kitty Doesn't Look So Good....

After Wolverine loses it when he sees Stryker in the past he thrashes around and cuts Kitty open really bad. She struggles to hold onto Logan while she's losing so much blood, so Iceman tells Xavier he knows where Rogue is, and Rogue can take Kitty's power to help them. He says that she's back at Xavier's Mansion where she's being experimented, trying to tap into her power to give the Sentinels adaptive powers. Why Bobby didn't go after her to rescue her earlier is unclear....especially since they can change time and had potentially unlimited opportunities to rescue his old flame.

"Do I make it?"

Back in the past Wolverine is lying in bed smoking when Beast pops in and tells him smoking causes cancer. He then asks if he survives in the future. Wolverine says "No, but that's just the world I came from" implying that he's hopeful to change the future in it's entirety.
In the theatrical version of the film there was some dialogue similar to this during the final battle, that dialog is skipped in this version, and instead brought up earlier and made into a longer conversation.

"Kiss me....I'm here to betray you,"

After Beast leaves Wolverine's room he catches Mystique in the mansion to which she says "I had no where else to go". He changes her bandages, and they discuss his physical appearance, and he explains that if he gets worked up and excited he still turns into Beast despite the medication. They end up making out and they both turn into their true blue selves. Mystique ruins the moment by asking "do you remember one of the last things you said to me? you told me I'd never be deemed beautiful looking like this." He says that she is beautiful, to which she asks "what about yourself?" he refuses to answer but says he is glad she's home and gets up and leaves. She reminds him that the last thing she said to him was "Mutant, and proud."

Rescuing Rogue

This scene in the Mansion turns into the scene of the mansion in the future with Future Xavier directing Magneto and Iceman how to sneak in through the water pipes. This scene is intermingled with Past Magneto stealing back his helmet. Old Magneto enters a run down Cerebro and inside they find Rogue on a hospital bed being poked at and Magneto threatens the doctors with their own flying metal tools. Bobby wakes Rogue up and they leave. Young Magneto recognizes an item in the glass cases with his helmet, Havok's chest plate and Angel's wing: it's the same coin he blasted through Shaw's head in First Class. Old Xavier warns Magneto and Iceman to pick up Rogue and run while several Sentinels attack them through the floor and ceiling. Iceman stays behind to fight and dies the same way he died in the theatrical version; being blown apart by three Sentinels. The entire mansion goes up in flames but Magneto escapes with Rogue. A Sentinel lands on the jet but is broken apart as the jet flies away. I loved the transitioning between the dilapidated and destroyed school and then back to the past before anything bad happened.
In the past Mystique poses as Xavier and sneaks into Cerebro, destroying it so that Xavier can't track her when she leaves.

Team Reunited.....Almost

Rogue, Xavier and Magneto meet back up with Storm, Kitty and the others in China and Rogue takes Kitty's powers and place in projecting Wolverine into the past. Kitty falls onto the floor in pain, and because she realizes that Iceman has been killed. Wolverine jerks awake in the past and whispers "Rogue" right as Beast walks in and tells him that Mystique was here and he shows them Cerebro. In the future we see that there's still a Sentinel arm holding onto the X-Jet, implying that this is how the Sentinels knew where to look for the X-Men.

Friendly Fire

When they arrive at the presidential address Xavier is wheeled up next to a few vets in uniform. One tells him how he was injured and asked about Xavier's legs. He replies "friendly fire", the main replies "that's the worst kind," Xavier then begins scanning the crowd for Mystique. I enjoyed this little tangent, it was another reminder of what the Future versions of Magneto and Xavier are fighting for, and that they had hoped this time travelling would help their younger versions learn that they need each other, that deep down they're really friends.

Everyone Still Dies....

In the future, the final battle with the Sentinels shows Storm die, Bishop die, and Magneto takes a few steps back to return inside with Xavier, but instead of Blink sending a portal for him to go back inside Kitty pulls Magneto through the wall. In the future after all the X-Men outside the building are killed and the Sentinels break in just like in the theatrical version. Magneto, Xavier, Kitty and Rogue watch helpless as the Sentinels shoot their fire, just as Mystique in the past drops the gun and changes their future.

Over all I really enjoyed the Rogue Cut, and I definitely recommend it!

Have you seen it? What did you think? Did you catch any differences that I missed?


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