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Ok... There's A LOT to cover! For now I we give you my first impressions of the trailers! Trust me, it won't be long! First up is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

An amazing trailer that changed the minds of many people. Obviously, there are still doubter, but whatever! It's a smart strategy to use the battle of Metropolis (the Black Zero event) as a way to push the story forward. With this amazing trailer, however, this movie still remains a mystery. Let's move on shall we!

This is my reaction to Suicide Squad... after watching leaked footage and WB/DC decide to just put it out officially.

Great trailer and very interesting! They definitely had to sell Harley Quinn well in this trailer and I think they nailed it! Quite a few others to wonder about. Enchantress is intriguing and the gang war/riot element to the trailer adds a lot, but still leaves us wondering!

Even though these trailers are great, there are still questions gathering about these movies.

Is The Villain Of Batman v Superman Doomsday... or Bizarro?!

Is Harleen Qunizel Being Tortured In The Beginning Of Suicide Squad?

Is Superman Being Controlled Or Forced To Do Something?

What's The True Objective Of Task Force X (What Exactly Is the Mission) And What Happened To June Moone (Enchantress)?

Let's go save the world!
Let's go save the world!

I have so many questions about these movies (not really a bad thing). Do I have concerns... yes, but these trailer definitely gave me more hope!

That's it for now!

What do you think? Did you like the trailers? What stood out? Leave a comment below! Like my on Facebook @ Unrealized Thoughts - 2

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