Bydan vandamme, writer at

So cool. Perfect role for Arnold. I would develop Conans son, Conn, and pack this flick with lots of bloody fights, hot babes and a big fin snake, but one that kivks ass over the 80s one.

I see Conan as a king that has become complacent with being a rich bastard, when suddenly hes drawn away from the kingdom to do something that is a ruse. Develop the bad guy, who kills Conans aging but beautiful queen. Conans son is also believed dead.

Conan has to fight his way back to retake t

His kingdom.

He finds his son and his son proves himself a hero despite some doubt at the beginning of the movie.

Crom shows up and the audi e nce thinks he will be benevolent deity, but tells Conn and Conan to man up.

They hack everything to pieces and the bad guy gets wasted in slomo with blood squirting on the camera as Con and Conan chop his head off.

Theres a lesson about living your life to the max.

Conan gets a hot new queen.

Con becomes a Prince not a spoiled boy.

What do you think of my outline?


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