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Thank you for sharing. Many believe that Doomsday will be the main villian as a result of Lex Luther and General Zods body and DNA. One might consider that Bizarro maybe the villian from similar use and the heat vision shot at Batman during his Frank Miller, the Dark Knight Return pose is from Dooms/Bizzaro and not Supes. As far as Superman kneeling before Lex can mean two things. 1) Homage to kneel before Zod in the Richard Donner film 2) No kryptonite or mind control, just that Lex has some leverage over Superman because his angered look shows he is very conscious of the situation he is in. Oh and I noticed the bandage on Lex's hand too. Lastly for now, people please stop saying Supes and Zod killed millions of people in Man of Steel. The world engine did most of the damage before they battled it out and most of the people evacuated those buildings because of it much like the empty room where Zod used his heat vision at Superman. There was no people scampering away at all. And how are you going to get "Millions" of people in a downtown area anyway? Is employment in Metropolis that good that you have "millions" of people present? I am from Oakland, California and I stood in a pool of people estimated to be 1.1million during the Golden State Warriors parade. It took a giant parade celebration to gather an estimated 1.1 million people. So how and the hell a downtown area or areas going to have millions of people on a given non celebratory day? Just a thought. Eric Murphy

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