ByJenna Boehme, writer at
First, wearing your hair (as a white person) in corn rows is not cultural appropriation. The whole premise of cultural appropriation is ridiculous and formed on racism. So, people are saying because hair styles like corn rows and dreads originated from African or Black culture it's not okay for whites or other races (other than black) to wear those hair styles? Isn't that racist in and of it's self. Also, I would like to point out that if you were born and raised or currently live and have citizenship in America, you ARE American regardless of your skin color. So, if those hairstyles (dreads, cornrows, etc.) originated in Africa and it's part of African culture and we're complaining about supposed culture appropriation, then how is it okay for a black American to have those hairstyles. They're not African. Technically, they're of a privileged culture as America is considered a first world country. So, that's technically, taking the definition of it seriously, cultural appropriation. Now, I would also like to state the America is considered to be "The Melting Pot" of all cultures. Where all cultures are supposed to be embraced and appreciated. (Rarely that is what happens, but it's how it was supposed to be) Also, let's think for a second. Tattoos are currently a very popular fad. The art of tattooing (according to what I have read) originates in the Polynesian Islands. They're are many people of all cultures and races who have tattoos, should they not be allowed to have and appreciate them because they're not part of the culture they originated from? No. Fuck that. The purpose of life is to share and evolve and expand. Not to be held back by cultural differences and race issues. What is so wrong with someone who isn't directly a part of your culture appreciating it? Lastly, I think people need to stop referring to the white race as privileged. We have our own set of race issues that go along with being white, just as any race does. For example, I may be white, but by no means am I privileged. I grew up and still live in a shitty, poor town. I have a decent job, however all my money goes to help my family. I can hardly afford things. I am not as privileged as people make white people out to be. Also, imagine what it's like being a white girl trying to date a black or latino or person of any other race then you. You constantly get told you're not good enough, that they should stick to their own race, you get racist remarks and bigotry thrown at you. I remember all times I spent as a young child wishing I wasn't white. I get people telling me my race enslaved theirs. My "race" or ancestors like my great, great grandmother are from Germany, they also happen to be Jewish. They didn't come over to America until the rise of Hitler. They were never slave owners or anything of the sort. In fact, their race (Jewish) was the victim of racism, considering Nazi fucking Germany and all "my" people slaughtered because of their race. No matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, or age we are we all have struggles. Why try to minimize or compare them? Why try to start fights that don't need to happen over our "struggles"? Why try to exclude people from your fashion or "culture" because you consider them not part of it. What's wrong with embracing everyone for who they are? Lastly, what's funny is, I have black friends (not that it makes a difference), they have never tried to exclude me from their culture, or hate on me for my race, or call me privileged, or get offended by white people adopting their hair styles. Because they see me for who I really am, they no I'm not privileged or racist or trying to exploit their culture, but rather that I appreciate and find the beauty in it. If anything they feel flattered. The average black person is like that, they don't mind their culture being appreciated and don't see any reason to take offense to it. I just think this girl is the racist bigot who's trying to start shit with people of different races. The reality is, despite her skin color, she's the privileged one. She's a Hollywood actress for christ sake. Does she even know what it's like to be a normal unprivileged person of any race?! Besides if she thinks it's okay to cry cultural appropriation over this, what about the fact that she had blonde highlights (white culture as it's a natural hair color usually only found on white people) or what about when she gets weaves or wigs and what not instead of embracing her natural hair that is part of her culture? I would never cry culture appropriation over that. Why? Because I'm fine with her doing her, regardless of what culture she is or what culture the things she is taking part in originate from. As long as it doesn't hurt or diminish my life, who cares? Like, we all do things that originate from other cultures or that seem that we're embracing other cultures. What's so bad about that? Can't we all just do our own thing and get along and be proud? Or nah?

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