ByHedwig Ndokosho, writer at
Hedwig Ndokosho
...a traditional even referred to as the Karnival. Various young white (of German decent) people showed up dressed up in constitutes including the those that resembled the KKK and literally painted their faces black. The German newspaper took these pictures and captioned them along the lines of "imaginative"...the social media went crazy by our standards (which totaled to about 2000 people who knew and gave a damn) everyone else ignored it and didn't care and thus nothing was done, except the next day the newspaper pressured by their more reasonable German clients printed an apology so small it covers half an iPhone. In the same week a young black boy (10 or 12) was mauled to death by two Pitbulls while people made a video of it (though they say now the video was made after he was already dead) and the people took to social media to defend Pitbulls and dogs. In fact people forgot the boys name and are now on a campaign to stop the Government from banning Pitbulls in the point being a little sensitivity and empathy would go a long way on the path to racial equality...

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