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At first glance, the prospect of Blade Runner 2 seems completely emblematic of modern Hollywood sensibilities. It's a sequel to a movie that is essentially an advocacy for not having a sequel. It's so easy to cry out and condemn this movie as a desperate extension of a nostalgic brand. As I've made clear in a previous article, everything that could get made is going to get made, so we may as well see the positive side, and speculate just for a moment what could go right.

Could Blade Runner 2 actually be good?

There's a new guy on board to direct Blade Runner 2. Denis Villeneuve, director of 2013's surprisingly compelling thriller, Prisoners, is taking up the mantle once held by Ridley (God I wish it was the 70s again) Scott. The last time Scott revisited one of his classic beloved projects, we got Prometheus, so I'm just gonna say Villeneuve is a good choice here. The casting of Ryan Gosling in a lead role is also an encouraging sign, but there's making good production decisions for a movie, and then there's actually making a good movie. What choices are vital in making Blade Runner 2 a surprise success?

Get Vangelis back

Play that one song with the synth in it!
Play that one song with the synth in it!

The surreal and magical tone of Blade Runner lives and dies on Vangelis' synth score. There's a hazy, almost embryonic feel to the soundtrack that further punctuates the ambiguous nature of Deckard's experience. Vangelis is as important to Blade Runner as John Williams is to Star Wars. In a world where it's cool to imitate 80s synth, getting the real deal on board is just as important. If Vangelis can't be won over, then someone else with the same dreamlike flare would be a must. The work of artists like Disasterpeace and Christobal Tapia De Veer would suit Blade Runner brilliantly!

More Ryan Gosling, less Harrison Ford

I'm curious if, upon seeing [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), the denizens behind Blade Runner 2 suddenly revert all decisions to include Harrison Ford in the movie. I'm not saying his role in Star Wars will be a failure, but bringing Ford back to old roles just doesn't garner the same excitement as it... actually it never did. Ridley Scott himself has stated that Deckard's use in the movie will be sparing, so maybe that will provide more screen time for Ryan Gosling. The only part of Gangster Squad I found bearable was Gosling rocking the noir detective role. When you add dystopian futures on to that, you've got a winner!

Go arty. Go really arty!

It's a replicant! Done!
It's a replicant! Done!

You know that one shot of the unicorn included in one of the many Blade Runner special editions that made so many go "huh?" Yeah, an entire movie of that, please! You may be opposed to that idea at first, but fans seem adamant that a comprehensive story could never hold up to the original, nor would they want to see a bombastic dumbed down space adventure. A super cryptic, almost trippy quality could then be the solution for Blade Runner 2. No one could complain about it's relation to the original, for it would just be too different. Imagine Ryan Gosling in Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives, and again, add dystopian futures... exactly!

A focus on the replicants

The first Blade Runner did a fantastic job of making us perceive the replicants as actual people punctuated by tragic and cruel circumstances. It's a fantastic mediation upon encountering one's own mortality, so why not continue that train of thought in Blade Runner 2? When Roy Batty talked of "attack ships off the shoulder of Orion", did you not want to see those attack ships with him? I've always wanted a sci-fi movie to nail a cast of all artificial beings, and Blade Runner 2 could be the best chance to do that!

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Is there hope for Blade Runner 2?


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