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Duncan Jones' Warcraft adaptation did not debut a trailer at this years' Comic-Con, much to the chagrin of the millions of baying fans of the massively popular MMORPG.

Although a leaked trailer has reportedly made its way online, I can imagine Legendary would much prefer you watched this new, and inventive, quasi-trailer for Warcraft.

Developed by Industrial Light and Magic, the interactive 360 video sees the viewer soaring high over the Alliance capital of Stormwind while astride their noble gryphon steed. Check it out below, and use the arrows on the video to look around (it is best viewed in Chrome):

Once they have gotten over how incredible the presentation of the video is, fans of the game have had some slightly mixed views about the representation of Stormwind. One first glance, it does seem to be a loving recreation of the video game city, including the city's trademark roof color schemes (well, kind of), canals separating the districts and The Valley of Heroes bridge marking the entrance.

Others have suggested the layout does not seem that accurate, especially when it comes to the position of the Cathedral of Light and Stormwind Keep. However, I think for the most part these are only minor quibbles - especially when you consider the size of Stormwind has also been greatly increased in this trailer. Fundamentally, it does look quite like the city we're used to. There's certainly no mistaking it for somewhere else.

Stormwind in World of Warcraft.
Stormwind in World of Warcraft.

The Youtube description claims this is an "official 360 video inspired by the Warcraft movie." I can't help but feel the inclusion of 'inspired' in that sentence is a bit curious. Does this mean this isn't actually the Stormwind in the movie, and is merely a presentation of Industrial Light and Magics prowess? Possibly, although the video was posted to Legendary's official YouTube.

I guess we'll have to wait until Warcraft releases on June 10th 2016 to find out.


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