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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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I can imagine Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson woke up this morning with 21 Questions on his mind, the first one being "where the f**k did all my money go?," after the rap phenom recently filed for bankruptcy following a sex-tape dispute involving rapper Rick Ross. As you do.

Last week a Manhattan jury reportedly ordered Jackson to shell out $5m to Lastonia Leviston, whose sex-tape he uploaded to the web without her permission after adding his very own lewd commentary to the, erm, proceedings. How Rick Ross factors into this is Leviston, who filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit, is the mother of the supremely bearded rapper's daughter.

P.I.M.Punitive Damages

All this noise stems from the 13-minute video that slipped onto the web back in 2009, and featured Fiddy in a wig and on narration duties as a fictional character named Pimpin' Curly.

Curly would go on to make some pretty raw and explicit remarks regarding Leviston and her boyfriend at the time, who was also involved in the amateur fun fest.

Pimpin' Curly
Pimpin' Curly

Curly also took the time to aim some jabs at his rival Ross, taunting the rapper amidst the massive beef they had at the time, which spread across various media mediums.

Replace this luxury with a bath made of papier mache and a novelty chocolate cigar.

Jackson managed to get his hands on the video after the boyfriend inexplicably gave him a copy, citing that Leviston apparently wouldn't mind it being uploaded. A regular brain trust here. Or should I say... Brain Unit? B-UNIT! I'm keeping that one, hands off.

The same day the bulletproof entertainer and veritable businessman was due to appear in court over the punitive charges against him, he and his legal team filed for Chapter 11 protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Conn., which, astutely, will halt the previous lawsuit and the collection of his paper.

You truly can't get a dollar outta him. Like squeezing Cristal out of an 81 carat chain.

So... Doesn't That Mean He's Not Bankrupt?

Technically, yes. If a business isn't able to service its debt or placate the creditors, filing for protection under Chapter 11 means the debtor can still retain control over their business interests while reshuffling their finances.

"Wanna Get Rich? I'll Show You How"

Jackson's a very, very clever man, as highlighted by his later business endeavors. Although the story of his life alludes to the American Dream.

After being raised by his grandmother in the tough New York neighborhood of South Jamaica, Queens with nine other kids, the parentless Jackson, whose mother was murdered and father simply vanished, started selling crack at age 12 simply to make ends meet.

Artist's reconstruction of Lil 50's drugs being used
Artist's reconstruction of Lil 50's drugs being used

After being mentored by Run DMC's very own Jam Master Jay, Jackson signed a deal with Eminem's Shady Records label and literally smashed the glass face off of the industry with his debut LP 'Get Rich or Die Tryin',' which included the monumentally huge hit single - and one of the most overplayed tracks of all time, everywhere - 'In Da Club.'

"I'm into watching sex, not paying for it though"
"I'm into watching sex, not paying for it though"

Before Dr. Dre sold his Beats brand to Apple, it was rumored that Fiddy was the richest man in rap, after investing in the makers of Glaceau Vitaminwater and indulging in various other business endeavors. The Glaceau Vitaminwater's parent company was later sold to The Coca Cola Company for $4.1b, and Your Boy 50 was said to have made a tidy $100m off his shares! Not bad for a kid from the projects.

V.M.'s trial period went swimmingly
V.M.'s trial period went swimmingly

Whether or not he's simply trolling the heck out of us and the courts, his actions and the hubris that led him and the other parties to their time in court, and the subsequent bankruptcy, was rather ill-advised and pretty harsh/dumb. It just goes to show that the power and sway of finance can drive anyone absolutely insane.

Though, Fifty may be laughing all the way to the bank if Southpaw does well at the box office. Jackson will star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and Forest Whitaker in the upcoming emotional roller coaster of a punch-em-up.

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