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The first rule of Fight Club is don't talk about Fight Club...but maybe you can sing about it...

Back in 2004 David Fincher, the director of Fight Club, mentioned the possibility of a Fight Club musical to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the film's release in 1999. But 2009 came and passed without further mention and the whole thing was forgotten.

Then, last weekend whilst speaking on a San Diego Comic-Con panel, author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, was asked whether he’d be open to making a sequel based on his new comic book, Fight Club 2. However, rather than confirming speculation surrounding a follow-up film, he did hint to an upcoming 'Rock Opera' with this teaser Tweet which has since disappeared:

Julie Taymor working with David Fincher on a FIGHT CLUB rock opera? You didn’t hear it from me. :)

— Chuck Palahniuk (@chuckpalahniuk) July 12, 2015

Chuck Palahniuk at Comic Con
Chuck Palahniuk at Comic Con

But speculation was then later rekindled by entertainment journalist Jeff Goldsmith:

In addition to this, Slashfilm, found this seemingly ignored Palahniuk quote from back in April when he was promoting the comic book:

For the time being, I’m keeping it for myself. But right from the get go, when we signed that 60-page contract back in 1996, it gave FOX rights to create sequels and television shows and, so, I don’t have control over a lot of that. Fincher is optioning the stage rights. He’s finally moving on to the big rock opera. David says that there’s been a rock opera for every generation, you know, “Tommy” and then “The Wall,” but there really hasn’t been a really big one for the current generation – and he and Trent Reznor are really determined to make that happen. And David’s been consulting with Julie Taymor, the director, and she’s been kind of coaching him on what it takes to get a huge stage production.

So, guys, it looks like it's definitely happening! I must admit though, I'm struggling a little to see how this will work and do the genius Pitt-Norton combo justice. Plus, how will they include all those little sequences that made the movie so great, like Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden subliminal screen flashes which foreshadowed the development of his character?

However, that said, with the fusion of Julie Taymor (theater director of The Lion King, The Tempest and Titus Andronicus), Trent Reznor (scored for Fincher's movies The Social Network, Gone Girl and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk, this actually has the potential to be pretty awesome.

But can you imagine these classic scenes in song?

♫ And suddenly, I felt nothing...♫

♫ How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? ♫

♫ Gentlemen, welcome to Fight Club...♫

♫ Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing! ♫

♫ I am Jack's smirking revenge ♫

♫ Little by little, you are just letting yourself become Tyler Durden...♫


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