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Along with every day people looking out for her, Mother Earth is really lucky to have friends in high places helping her too. Across the globe there are incredible A-listers who are using their voices, power and money to speak up for the environment. One of these celebrities is Leonardo DiCaprio, a truly diverse actor and one of the most giving A-listers out there. Throughout his career he has invested his time and money to help a whole array of green causes, and has used his fame as a tool to make his fans and others aware of environmental issues. Behind the silver screen, Leo is one of Hollywood's most dedicated philanthropists.

Back in 1998 lovely Leo established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation with the mission of "protecting the world’s last wild places." The foundation is involved with 70+ environmental projects spread across 40+ countries. His passionate environmental activism even flows into his everyday life; Leo owns electric and hybrid cars and has invested in solar panels on his home.

Below are 5 of the most heartwarming projects that Leo has been involved with to help humanity.

5. Kind hearted Leo has helped orphaned children

How many Hollywood a-listers would even think of doing this kind deed? Back in 2008 Leo let his film career blend with his thought provoking charity work. He was filming Blood Diamond in Mozambique and used the opportunity to raise some smiles for 24 little orphaned children. The kids got to be part of the film as extras and were able to have an exciting summer break traveling to the movie set and working alongside the actors. Leonardo was truly touched by this experience and gave back to these children in his own sweet way. To this day his foundation has not forgotten these children and still gives money to SOS Children's Villages Charity continuing to help the children who really need the support!

4. Leonardo is on a mission to help preserve wildlife

Just take a look at the shocking statistics of our planet, posted by Leonardo:

Regram from @9gag: The Horrible truth. #environment #population #endangeredspecies #earth #animals

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There are many animals listed here that Leo's foundation has branched out to maintain. His organization has gone on to protect anything from tiger habitats in Nepal to protecting sea mammals, to saving forests and orangutans in Sumatra and so much more. Leo's money has gone far with pairing his foundation with other charities who are on a mission to protect the world's endangered animals.

3. Leonardo is saving an Island

And, this retreat is not just for his own pleasure!

Leo's mission here is to help heal this 104 acre unpopulated island in Belize. His plan is to create an eco-conscious resort which will open its branches to guests in 2018. Leo won't be tackling this project alone, but with his partner and property developer Paul Scialla. These kind hearted fellows will do their best to restore this island, which has already suffered from deforestation, an eroding coastline, and over fishing.

If you are planning on saving up for a trip to this island when it opens, before setting foot on the island you will be put through an ecology orientation programme first.

Mr. Scialla said:

"The idea at Blackadore Caye is to push the envelope for what sustainability means — moving the idea beyond environmental awareness into restoration. We don’t want to just do less harm or even have zero impact, but to actually help heal the island, to make it better than before."

2. Protector of the oceans

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is helping the dear animals of the World's 5 Oceans.

Over $2 million dollars has been dedicated to the Ocean 5 charity by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The money will go towards dedicated projects with the aim "to stop overfishing and establish marine reserves in the world’s five oceans" and help the vast amounts of ocean animals along the way.

1. And now, if all of that wasn't all just incredibly awesome already. Leonardo has donated another astonishing $15 million to helping the environment!

People may have often spoken against Leonardo and his lavish lifestyle, but he really has now put his money where his mouth is. The donated $15 million will go towards a whole variety of various environmental causes and help to empower the organizations and activists fighting to protect our planet.

During a speech at the UN in September, 2014, DiCaprio said:

"The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore."

Take a look at his inspiring and speech at the UN which really gets you thinking about our planet:

Hats off to this incredibly inspiring actor who continues to teach us that making small changes to our lives can make a big impact on the globe!

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