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We all know the rare Disney collectibles can worth vast sums of money, but did you know that some of the treasures you might remember from your childhood can also deliver some bang for their buck?

While they won't deliver the small fortune that the legendary '45 Years of Service' Disney pin can bring, these more modest Disney products are still worth putting on eBay to tempt dedicated collectors.

But, the real question is, do you have any of these hidden Mickeys lurking in your attic? Check out the list below to find out if it's worth mounting that ladder!

15. Vintage Animated Mickey Mouse Telephone by Telemania - $260

If my old next door neighbor still has this phone, I'm even more jealous of her now than I was as a kid!

14. 101 Dalmatians Cookie Jar - $195

I've seen this canine family portrait lovingly displayed on many counter tops, and now its value could buy you a year's supply of cookies.

13. '80s Mickey and Friends Comforter - $200

Wrapping yourself in this '80s Disney comforter is like feeling the warm embrace of sweet, sweet disposable income!

12. Lion King Backpack - $59.95

If you had this one when you were a kid, now's the time to repeat the hakuna matata to yourself.

11. Beauty and the Beast Tea Set - $140

I think I remember smashing this...R.I.P. Chip.

10. Plush Aladdin Genie Toy - $1,000

The tragic death of the legendary Robin Williams has given Genie merchandise their second wind in the spotlight.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobe - $299

You would certainly be making a scene if you realized you had this collectible nugget stowed in the basement to boost the holiday fund.

8. Beloved Tales Little Mermaid Pin - $1,400

Knocking around Disney Parks in 1992-1993, this shockingly valuable Little Mermaid pin proves it's better down where it's wetter when it comes to the collectible game!

7. Rescuers Down Under LED Game - $49.99

Trust me to have every LED game but this one. Now I feel old and financially irresponsible, GAH!

6. Pocahontas Jewellery Box - $42.00

That fact that this lumpen jewelry box is worth more than I spend on food every week is supreme proof that money can't buy you sense.

5. Buzz Lightyear Signature Collection Series Doll - $500

There are galaxies of Buzz Lightyear dolls in orbit, but if you have this edition you will be laughing to infinity and beyond...and to the bank, of course.

4. The Little Mermaid Story Book and Music Box - $500

Who knew that parents would be willing to pay this much money to let their kids drive them insane!

3. Mighty Ducks Watch - $505

You don't choose the duck life, the duck life chooses you.

2. River Rowing Pocahontas - $129.00

There's a night out on the town just around the riverbed if you happen to have preserved this paddling Pocahontas.

1. My Life Size Talking Ariel - $1,700

I'm glad this thing is aimed at children because if it really was the same size as me, I'd cry.

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