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UPDATE: In case you missed it, J.K. Rowling has cleared up the whole Hogwarts tuition debate in one swift tweet, rendering the bulk of this post useless. According to Rowling, much like Dobby the house-elf, Hogwarts is completely free for all magical students!

She posted the following tweet in regards to one fan's question:

Kevin O'Keeffe at Mic then chimed in with his article expressing his immense regret in ever having doubted the generosity of the Ministry of Magic:

Free, you say? Hogwarts acceptance letters for everyone!

That being said, Mic's work was still awesome and incredibly thorough.

In case you're still interested in how much it could cost the Ministry to send each magical child to Hogwarts, check out their information here:

With its sweeping landscape, high-end room and board, top-notch teachers, and extensive extracurricular programs, it goes without saying that Hogwarts probably ranks among the best schools in the world. With high quality comes a hefty price tag and sadly, the molding of young magical minds is no exception.

Kevin O'Keeffe over at Mic calculated how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts' (deathly) hallowed halls. Although there's no mention of tuition, it's pretty safe to assume that it costs something to send your children to a fancy, magic boarding school.

Hey, it's not like Professor Lockhart is going to just work for free!

There have been a few other sources who have figured out the cost of attendance and had it breaking the Gringotts bank at an estimate $42,000 per year! If that isn't explanation enough for the Weasley's financial situation, I don't know what is.

On top of tuition, using the books and J.K. Rowling's writings on Pottermore, Mic was able to put together some numbers for the cost of school supplies, books, clothing, and pets. That means going to Diagon Alley before each school year isn't going to be cheap.

Since the conversion rate has one Galleon equalling about seven dollars, Mic was able to put together some figures on how much a year's worth of supplies would cost.

Kevin O'Keeffe / Mic
Kevin O'Keeffe / Mic

Factoring in the cost of tuition, the average Hogwarts student has to pay a whopping $43,000 a year!

Kevin O'Keeffe / Mic
Kevin O'Keeffe / Mic

That's like the cost of tuition for most colleges in the U.S.!

Meanwhile Harry has his Gringotts vault stacked to the brim with Galleons, so he's just like...

On the plus side, we also know that Hogwarts has some sort of endowment fund that can be used for scholarships and financial aid for students in need. For example, young Tom Riddle wouldn't have been able to pay student fees from his Muggle orphanage. As Dumbledore explains in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

‘I haven’t got any money,’ said Tom Riddle
‘That is easily remedied,’ said Dumbledore, drawing a leather money-pouch from his pocket. ‘There is a fund at Hogwarts for those who require assistance to buy books and robes. You might have to buy some of your spellbooks and so on second-hand...'

There are also some who suggest that perhaps the Ministry helps their employees' children with tuition as a benefit for working in the government, which would help explain the Weasley's ability to send all of their kids to Hogwarts.

Do you think it's worth the $40k+ a year it to earn a degree from Hogwarts ? From my perspective, it's a hard yes, no doubt about it. It's a freakin' magical school! I'm so willing to pay that. Hogwarts, reach out to me if you're feeling strapped for cash. I'll find a way to make it work!

(Source: Kevin O'Keeffe/Mic, Centives)


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