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Close your eyes and picture a time where no comic book cinematic universes really exist and a superhero movie probably would only come out once every three years. Now open your eyes and get a glass of water... really just take a sigh of relief because the times have changed. Back in 1998, a movie called Superman Lives was in production and was set to star Nicolas Cage and be directed by Tim Burton.

Sounds like a recipe for success, right? I mean, Nic Cage has become a little bit over-saturated more recently and has taken a few questionable roles, but at the time he was a bonafide A-Lister. The movie was supposed to be made, and could have been interesting. A shot of Nic Cage as Superman was tweeted out by the The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? filmmaker, Jon Schnepp.

Here it is below... insane. The world wasn't ready:

A couple things here... first of all, I'm not sure I ever remember Nicolas Cage being jacked or ripped enough to play Superman. These muscles seem superimposed. Secondly, I don't really know about this suit. Thirdly, Nicolas Cage would have been distracting - in my most humble opinion - as Superman. I don't know if I ever would've been able to fully get past it being Nicolas Cage on my screen. I wouldn't be able to go with it and believe it was Superman.

Anyway, filmmaker Jon Schnepp put together a fairly awesome documentary about what could have been. Here are the first ten minutes for your viewing pleasure.

I really want to see the whole thing now! The idea of Cage as Superman nowadays seems pretty comical, but hey... it almost happened! Consider this outfit and star compared to Henry Cavill and the version we have nowadays.

It's truly night and day.

And if you enjoyed the first ten minutes of that doc, you can get the whole thing now on on Blu-ray, DVD, and Video On Demand.



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