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I know there was a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film that came out last year and that there is a new one coming out later but let's just take one look at them...


........Well these guys definitely looked better by far

What I want is a rebooted, re-imaged version of our favourite heroes in their half-shell. And not any old reboot, I want a new series of movie based on Kevin Eastman's IDW hit comic-book series. Like they all say, old is gold and I couldn't agree more. Here are some characters you all have probably never heard of that I would like in this series.


This guy is a red wolf man that was a South African native who stole a magical talisman that turns him into a redwolf and gives him super speed. Now he is cursed to be a red wolf forever. He is an Ally of the Turtles and a member of teh Mighty Mutanimals.


Jagwar is a friend of Dreadmon and an ally of the Turtles and member of the Mighty Mutanimals. Jagwar is son of Juntara and a powerful Jaguar spirit that made him the way he is today. He raised himself since the age of 12.


Leatherhead is an alligator that was experimented on by the Utroms with Mutagen and turned into a massive monster. When the Utroms' base exploded a now homeless Leather head escaped to the sewers where he met the Turtles and become their Ally/Enemy

Mondo Gecko

Mondo Gecko is a mutant Gecko created by Old Hob who has a skateboard with a couple of guns attached to its bottom. He is a member of the Mighty Mutanimals and is an ally of the Turtles.

Old Hob

Old Hob is a mutated cat that hates Shredder and generally all Humans. He is the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals and is an ally/enemy of the turtles although he will use them if necessary to meet his ideals. He can create Mutants and likes guns. Old Hob has a tragic past and would be a must have in this universe.


Slash is a snapping turtle that was injected with mutagen and Old Hob's DNA by Stockgen. He escaped thanks to April O'Neil and then joined the Foot clan. Later he battles the Turtles and is presumed dead and later comes back along with Old Hob as they now work together. Ever since Michelangelo gave Slash a candy bar he has become an ally of them and has helped them out from time to time.

Herman the Hermit Crab

Herman the Hermit crab is another one of Old Hob's creations and is basically a giant Hermit crab with a Dumpster decked out with giant guns for a shell. He is like a soldier and always follows orders.


1. Origins

This movie would show how Master Splinter finds the Turtles and mutates them to help him with his battle with Shredder. Master Splinter trains them till they are teenagers and then they ask if they can go to the surface(they spend their life in the sewers) he says no but they leave anyway and meet April and Casey Jones and battle the Purple Dragons and the Foot Clan stopping them from killing Splinter.

2. a short movie- Splinter versus Shredder

This would be in a format of a story being told by Splinter to his students about his past. It will be very emotional and will introduce Karai to the Universe. It will end with an introduction to the third movie

3.City Fall

It will be a movie on Shredder coming back with an army of Mutants and robot ninjas as he tries to take over New York. It will introduce Old Hob and Slash along with Baxter Stockman ans the Pizzaman. It will have a post-credits scene of teh Technodrome being built

4. The Technodrome

It will start with the Kraang invading Earth along with the Utrimos. It will introduce Bebop and Rocksteady along with the above mentioned Mutants and Alopex and will end with the Technodrome being destroyed

Thats all for now.....THANKS!


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