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It's no surprise if I say DC panel won San Diego Comic-Con this year in terms of presentation and HYPE, there were so many interesting revelations and the internet was busy with milking out the content out of the DC panel but there were some misinterpretations and some details which were totally left out and in this article I am gonna dig a little deeper and bring forward the details from DC panel which you wouldn't have read till now.

I'll start with the small ones

Green Lantern Corps

Yes the solo Green Lantern film is officially titled as Green Lantern Corps and by the looks of it, we can easily say that this a space opera film completely based on the galactic side of DC universe and that's a boon in disguise for Green Lantern property because the best stories of Green Lanterns are galactic or outer space in nature and this kinda movie really gives WB an opportunity to expand the DC universe a hundred fold, given the massively rich galactic nature of DC mythology, and it also means this will be a movie will have multiple Earth Lanterns like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner etc and that would make every Green Lantern fan happy.

Wonder Woman movie will travel back to WW2 days

The official concept art which was revealed in comic con had Wonder Woman standing over/near soldiers that had a total WW2 vibe, maybe this movie partially travels back to Wonder Woman's adventure during her WW2 days and then connect that story line with present day narrative forming one cohesive story for the movie.

Ezra Miller is Barry Allen and he's a forensic scientist

It's officially revealed and the speculation can be put to rest, Ezra Miller will be playing the Barry Allen version of Flash and the concept art showed him looking at a bullet which he was inspecting in a crime scene, confirming that this version will also be a forensic scientist like he is in the comics.

Now to the big ones

Suicide Squad

  • David Ayer said this movie will be very faithful to the source material and canon and long time fans of Suicide Squad would love it.
  • He brings up the point that this movie is all about "Bad vs Evil" and I feel that this concept is very unique and fresh to the whole genre itself and would be extremely surprising and refreshing.
  • He also said the real shock is in "How hilarious this movie is going to be" when asked about the creepy nature of the film, and I believe when a bunch of crazy bad guys are paired together as a team, it's safe to say there's going to be a good amount of humor but in a really twisted way, especially when we have the likes of Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn.
  • The trailer confirmed that Superman's public acts were something which motivates the meta human's to creep back out of their shells and face the world.
  • Jim Parrack is confirmed to play Joker's goon/henchman and not Deathstroke as it was previously rumored.
  • By the looks of it, this movie will play a bit with the origin stories of the members of the Suicide Squad as it was made clear with the comic con trailer.
  • Joker was torturing Dr. Harleen Quinzel (pre Harley Quinn) in the trailer and it was not Jason Todd as it was speculated by many, and with by the looks of the set photos/videos and the trailer it looks like Joker and Harley Quinn will have a really good story arc going on.

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)

  • Zack Snyder confirms that the story of Batman vs Superman is a completely original idea and not directly based on any comic books and it's certainly not an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.
  • It was specifically addressed by the cast that they are doing their own interpretation and a totally different take on the roles they are playing, which will be unique even when there were lots of actors playing the same role before them.
  • He also said that the kind of things he created in Man of Steel allowed him to naturally create this conflict in Batman v Superman which would really make sense to this movie.
  • It was revealed that Gotham and Metropolis are neighboring sister cities which are separated by a bay just like San Francisco and Oakland., wherein Metropolis is this huge successful and bright city and Gotham is this city where all the downtrodden people live with crime and corruption running rampant. NOTE: San Francisco is Metropolis and Oakland is Gotham (geographically).
something like this.
something like this.
  • It was also revealed that the Mech Suit of Batman is more of a preservation concept than enhancing the strength concept, like protecting Batman from attacks and buying him time is the armor's primary job role.
  • It's finally revealed that Holly Hunter is playing a United States Senator named, Finch, a completely original role created for the movie and for Holly Hunter. And Tao Okomoto is playing Mercy Graves (Luthor's Assistant)
  • Bruce Wayne gets a really offensive and personalized message delivered to him and many have started speculating, but here's the actual thing.

Bruce Wayne's Wayne Tower in Metropolis got destroyed in that Zod vs Superman battle in Man of Steel and dozens of Bruce's employees got killed and that's a really personal thing as Bruce cares for his employees and Bruce receives this message at his doorstep and people have speculated it's from Joker and Jason Todd but that doesn't make any sense at all, I believe it's just a mockery from Lex Luthor trying to make him more angry over this whole Black Zero event that took place in Man of Steel.

  • Alfred will be Bruce/Batman's voice of reason and will be the more rational guy who will talk sense to the rage and regret filled Batman.
  • The second Robin, Jason Todd has met his death long before at the hands of Joker in this universe and Batman keeps remembering his biggest failure each and every day by encasing that suit in his Batcave, it comes with a personalized message from Joker as well.
  • Zod's corpse is in Lex Luthor's possession now so is Kryptonite and I have to say Luthor has all the tools in his hand to break Superman.
  • There's this army with Superman insignia on their shoulders who kinda worship Superman and then we see that batman is taking them down pretty brutally and many theorized that this is just a dream sequence, well I can't buy that !

A dream sequence will be nothing more than a minute in length and much much shorter than that in most cases and they are never revealed in trailers and other promotional materials, but this thing, they are showcasing it in both the trailers they released till now and even released a poster related to Batman, everything points towards this being an actual plot in the movie serving some really intelligent purpose rather than being a dream sequence.

Wrapping up

Well that was every single bit of information that we got from DC panel of Comic Con this year, sound off in the comments below by saying which was your favorite reveal/information.


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