ByLaura Anne Brewster, writer at
Pokémon mystery dungeon has been my favorite game series of all the Pokémon spinoffs for some reason, it is very easy for me to play that I've always wanted a movie about it. My love for Pokémon mystery dungeon started with Pokémon mystery dungeon explores of time and it's counterpart explores of darkness which eventually led to explores of sky all with same storyline but explores of sky had more to offer than its predecessors. Now that I've just got through Pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity where 3d graphics made it look so real plus adding more Pokemon to recruit all from gen 1 to gen 5 and playing as pikachu along with a starter Pokemon from unava is pretty cool. As I wait for Pokemon super mystery dungeon I can only say let this be a TV series or movie series and let's keep going with the exploration

As you can see our ol budy pikachu is wondering the same thing


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