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Everyone who's engaged with Watch Dogs knows that Ubisoft's latest open world IP needs some serious work. Watch Dogs is the bare bones of what could make an interesting game and we're hoping that the series can develop further as it assuredly continues. As we saw written in the CV of a previous Ubisoft employee a few months back, Watch Dogs 2 was one of the games he had worked on during his time with the company.

It was no big surprise to anyone that Ubisoft was planning on advancing the series, but what exactly should they change? I know the whole world agrees that they need to move as far away from Aiden Pearce as possible, but could they also move the series out of America and start hitting cities around the world like we see in [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814)?

Jordi Chin in Watch Dogs
Jordi Chin in Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2 - Should Ubisoft Look to Sleeping Dogs for Inspiration?

I don't want to say that Sleeping Dogs is an underrated open world game because it actually received some good reviews, but I seriously think it doesn't get enough praise. I had a blast with Sleeping Dogs. Being immersed in a completely different culture, surrounded by a foreign language and traversing beautifully exotic streets was just some of what to expect from Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs. The combat system was great, the driving was fun and the campaign was engaging, albeit a bit cheesy.

But it contains far more charm and grace than Watch Dogs ever will. Sleeping Dogs is by no means the epitome of open world games, but I admire how dedicated the development team were to making every aspect of the game's design work really well and just be fun! Ubisoft on the other hand felt like they'd thought up an idea and then lazily hashed out a version of it that would pass as a feature. Watch Dogs 2 needs a lot of work and I'd love to see it learn from Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs

For starters, Watch Dogs 2 needs to have a campaign with characters as likeable or at least as relatable as those in Sleeping Dogs. The campaign is engaging and Wei Shen is a great badass of a character to play as. But Sleeping Dogs also pays a great deal of attention to making its side quests and general gameplay mechanics a lot of fun.

Aiden was a bore in Watch Dogs and to be honest I'd have preferred to have played as Jordi Chin. But this boredom didn't stop there. Driving in Watch Dogs was pretty poor, but the fact that we just had to press one button to get rid of the police was really disengaging. As Zero Punctuation puts it:

"In Watch Dogs you can hack traffic lights and barriers to discourage pursuers, but how that applies is that a quicktime event flashes up as you drive along the road, you press it and 'hey presto' the pursuer f&%ks off. Thank goodness, I was coming dangerously close to waking up!"

What he said!

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs

What Do You Want from the Release Date of Watch Dogs 2?

At least in Sleeping Dogs the fight mechanics are so enjoyable that even the fighting rings you can enter are rendered exciting. Watch Dogs 2 needs to include more general fun for players, both in terms of side quests and missions. There are brief moments in the game when they let you off the leash and let you decide how you want to take down an area of enemies. Here is where the game shined and it needs to really work on that aspect for the sequel.

Also, setting Watch Dogs 2 in an exotic location would be fantastic! Imagine having it set in the technological hub of Tokyo. At least it wouldn't follow the trend of another open world game in America. But we'll see. Let us know what you thought of both Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs in the comments below and what you'd like on the release date of Watch Dogs 2!


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