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It's ironic that the Insidious Cinematic Universe adds up to the acronym ICU, which is where I will likely end up due to the heart attack the Insidious movies (and salty theater popcorn) will cause me. I chose Insidious for my cinematic universe because in my opinion there are not enough GOOD scary movies. However, Blumhouse Productions is responsible for some of the best horror franchises in recent memory, including Paranormal Activity, Saw, The Conjuring, and my personal favorite Insidious. The main reason an Insidious Cinematic Universe is so appealing is because there is so much that is yet to be explored in this particular universe.

There will be spoilers for all 3 Insidious movies below, so if you haven't seen them, stop what you're doing, and go watch them right now! ... and then come back and read this awesome post.

Insidious: The Beginning

This movie would be the origin story for everyone's favorite psychic, Elise Rainer. Ever since Elise was introduced it's been clear she has amazing powers, even though she decided to stop using them for a while after her husband's death in Chapter 3. We are yet to see young (teenager/child) version of Elise. That would be the premise for Insidious: The Beginning where we would learn more about how hard it was growing up with the gift and curse of being able to contact the dead. She must deal with spirits, both good and evil, as she learns how to harness her abilities. After a terrifying encounter with a demon, she realizes only she has the power protect people from such Insidious forces. The movie would end when she meets a young Josh Lambert, a nod to the original film.

Insidious: Into the Further

This is where things would go in a completely different direction from the previous films. This movie would be about a lonely old man who has a stroke, goes into a coma, and subsequently ends up trapped in the Further. A movie based primarily in the Further would allow for exploration of the terrifying plane like never before. As this man ventures around in the dark, demon infested Further, he must try and make it back to his body while hiding from terrifying entities around every corner. Imagine a game of hide-and-seek, but with your soul on the line. Just before he makes it back to his body, his money grubbing family pulls the plug on him against the doctors advise, which leaves him trapped in the Further forever. He can't believe what his family has done and it fills his heart with hate and rage. With the Further now his home, he wants company and he'll do anything to get it. Here's the plot twist: This character actually becomes "The Man Who Can't Breathe" from Insidious 3! A movie that shows how an evil spirit became so evil rather than just rehashing "this demon wants to live again so he wants your body" would be refreshing.

Insidious: The Awakening

This movie would add to the mythos of the Insidious franchise, taking place in colonial America in the early 1700's. This would show that the Insidious demons have been around for a very long time and are not just popping up now. In this movie a young boy is possessed by the Lipstick Face Demon, which would be the first time we see an Insidious demon successfully possess someone. The boy wreaks havoc and is eventually institutionalized, and that's when the family turns to the church for help. A successful exorcism takes place, sending the demon back into the Further. The movie as a whole would be paying homage to The Exorcist, the greatest horror film of all time.

Nothing like a good horror movie, am I right? Comment below and let me know what you think!


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