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Gaming is the next thing. More and more games are being converted into movies as Hollywood looks to expand its variety of genres. What better than the fan-favourite, one of the most popular series of games ever created?

The Call Of Duty franchise is a fan-favourite, award winning game series, currently in hands of Sledgehammer Games. As of the moment, there are about 10-12 major games in the series.

The storylines can also be represented in an effective way in films. The Call of Duty Cinematic Universe (CoDCU) would rule the action movies genre, overthrowing franchises such as James Bond, Mission Impossible, and Taken.

Latest news says that Activision will be launching their own production studio called "Activision Blizzard". They have also released a glimpse at their plans, and the first movie is set to be based on none other than one of their most famous game franchises - Call of Duty. The first release is expected to be in either 2018 or 2019.

Here is how a Call of Duty Cinematic Universe could work. I have tried to include all the games, however, have changed the titles and the plot lines a bit, in order to better incorporate them as movies.

So what are we waiting for, let's get on with it!

Chapter 1

1. World at War

Set during World War II, this movie will be based on the games Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty 3. This movie will present the war from the point of view of the Allied forces (US, UK, and Soviet Union namely, similar to the game). The movie should start in the midst of World War II, with the Soviets defending Moscow, and later going on to recapture Stalingrad. The British and American soldiers, meanwhile, are fighting in France and advancing into German territory, destroying military bases rapidly. The movie ends with the Allied forces right on the German doorsteps.

As a side note, also would be interesting to throw in the Enigma codes used by the Germans in the movie, to add a bit of frustration and interest in the movie, after all, if its completely based off the game, it wouldn't be that interesting.

The war in the Pacific is shown briefly as well.

2. D-Day

The movie begins with the British cryptologists breaking the Enigma code, thus gaining access to sensitive intel, which will help them plan their invasion of Germany. The movie then jumps to an overview of the remaining German leaders probing their defences before the final battle. A spy amongst the Germans is introduced, who had been passing information to the Allied armies about Germany's plans and moves. The Germans find out about this. Furious, they torture and finally kill him (just to add a bit more war-like, realistic feel). Finding about the dead spy, the Allied forces decide to attack, before Germany can fully prepare themselves and change their defensive tactics.

The battle happens. Germans lose. War gets over. People start returning to their normal lives, rebuild their homes, celebrate.

Then, a jump forward in time, and introduce the Cold War.

A brief mention of the war in the East and the Pacific would be good.

3. Cold War

This movie will be set during the Cold War, covering the lives of two undercover agents, one American, one Russian, who were operating behind enemy lines. However, both were discovered as spies, and had been sent rescue teams in order to extract them from the frontline. The movie also contains chemical warfare being used.

Towards the end, the movie jumps ahead in time, showing the American soldier with two sons, who want to join the army when they grow up.

Post Credits Scene: Jump forward in time, shows a Civil War-torn Russia in 2011.

Chapter 2

4. Civil War

The movie starts off with agitations and tension in modern Russia. Suddenly all hell breaks loose, and a civil war starts. This film basically covers all the developments of the civil war in Russia. In order to make it more interesting, the Russian scientists can be shown to have made a revolutionary weaponry breakthrough, which will shape the action in movies to come.

Post Credits Scene: A separatist group in a Middle-Eastern country seizes power.

5. Ghosts

Picks up where we left off; in Middle East. An anti-Western separatist group gain power and starts wreaking havoc in the area. The US Army is forced to invade (democracy, oil. 'MURICA! GIVE THEM SOME FREEDOM!). Jokes aside. Remember those 2 kids I introduced in the Cold War movie? Here is where they come in. They are the leaders of this operation.

The movie includes infiltrating several enemy bases, while simultaneously, trying to prevent as much collateral damage as possible, by evacuating the area. Movie ends with the soldiers storming in to the separatist headquarters, but found most of them had already committed suicide, however, not before launching several missiles and/or nukes on Russia.

Post Credits Scene: Tension between Russia and USA.

6. Modern Warfare

A campaign of "revenge" against the West starts, with terrorist organisations established in Russia committing acts of terrorism throughout Europe and US. An American strike force is sent to help the Russian government in destroying these terrorist groups. For the first time, new weapons are tried out, lasers, drones, whose successful use creates advancements in technological warfare.

Post Credits Scene: Another Time jump, to the year 2025. A top-secret US Military project with the weapons manufacturer Atlas is revealed.

Chapter 3

7. Black Ops

A high-tech prototype armour with an in-built jetpack and several new prototype weapons and drones have been created by the US government, working with a weapons manufacturer named Atlas. However, these plans fall into the hands of an Afghan spy, who flees with them back to Afghanistan. The US government track the spy through Latin America, Africa, and finally to Afghanistan, infiltrating one enemy base after another, mass-killing armies with their superior technology, and creating mayhem across the globe, before they manage to kill the spy and retrieve their plans from him.

Post Credits Scene: Flashback of the Afghan spy sharing the weapon plans with a mysterious man...

8. Advanced Warfare

A jump ahead in time, the movie is set in 2054. The US Army is equipped with jetpacks, drones, new spy/reconnaissance gear, and revolutionary weapons technology. However, they are not the only ones possessing this. A terrorist group known as KVA has established strong control over Western Africa and parts of Middle East.

Atlas sends in a team of soldiers in order to destroy their (KVA's) dominion. KVA orders simultaneous nuclear strikes all over the world, creating widespread havoc and panic.

Atlas is joined by the Sentinels, a European agency, to help them defeat the KVA, which they manage to do so successfully.

9. The Call of Duty

The year is 2065. The world is in chaos. Technology has taken over as the primary source of warfare; drones, robots, super-soldiers. Nuclear strikes everywhere, causing mass destruction. The two main sides in this massive war are - The Confederation (US, UK, Germany, France, India, Australia - those who want democracy), and The Resistance (Russia, China, Middle East, Africa - those who want dictatorship). Yet, neither side seems to have the winning edge; a stalemate with both sides suffering heavy losses.

In this apocalyptic situation, the Confederates decide to go old-school, creating a special Task Force (Suicide Squad lol :P), equipped with ordinary weapons, with only one objective - to infiltrate the command centre of the Resistance, and disable their weaponry in order to bring the war to an end. The Task Force loses almost all its members, but manages to accomplish their goal, ending the war once and for all, and bringing a well-deserved peace to the world.

This universe will be full of action, emotion, chaos, and would include a variety of settings including historical, present day, and futuristic, and in my opinion, would make for a great series of movies!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed, check out my other posts here! Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments.


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