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***Warning: seriously disturbing stuff***

Please do not read if you are offended by gross horror content or SPOILERS - you have been sufficiently warned!

Have you ever watched the Human Centipede movies? More to the point, have you ever sat through that unrelenting gross-out and thought, "I just need more of this in my life. I need... my own piece of the centipede"?

Well, director and purveyor of the perverse Tom Six has got you covered. If you've got some spare dollars gathering dust, why not buy a revolting piece of gore-horror history? Check out the sickest, genuine Human Centipede props that you can actually buy, in order of disgustingness...

7. Hobby Time

Official sale description: "The original scrapbook, made by Martin in The Human Centipede 2... The scrapbook was torn in the film, so this is the book after a few pages have been ripped."

Price: $2,500

Suggested Uses: A coffee table tome guaranteed to display your learned eclecticism to visitors.

Appearance in Movie: Martin's scrapbook is his own labor of love, his tribute to the first Human Centipede movie and self-made How-To-Guide for creating his own centipede. It's also the trigger for his mother's death: Martin snaps when she criticizes his beloved scrapbook.

6. The Toolbelt Murders

Official sales description: "The original belt, worn by character 'Martin' in The Human Centipede 2. Includes an original roll of duct tape."

Price: $500

Suggested uses: a handy fannypack for vacations

Appearance in Movie: Martin's trusty tool belt allows him quick access to many of his gruesome accoutrements, especially the vital duct tape used to firmly affix his unfortunate victims in The Human Centipede 2.

Note: this clip is confirmed as NOT scientifically accurate.

5. Martin's Coat of Many Colors

Official sales description: "The original and one-of-a-kind lab coat worn by character Martin in The Human Centipede 2."

Price: $2,000

Suggested uses: A marvelous Halloween costume, a heavy-duty overall for everyday activities such as gardening

Appearance in Movie: Martin wears his blood spattered lab coat for most of The Human Centipede 2. Note that actor Laurence R. Harvey had only ONE coat - I'm imagining it doesn't have a terribly pleasant aroma by now.

4. Centipedophile

Official sales description: "The one of a kind exact latex copy of the real centipede, used in The Human Centipede 2. Signed by director Tom Six."

Price: $750

Suggested uses: A surefire way to make sure nobody steals your Jell-O.

Appearance in Movie: The centipede is visible in a few portions of the movie, memorably in the scene where the real life centipede is fed into Martin's butt via means of a funnel.

3. Harness Your Potential

Official sales description: "An original Human Centipede 3 harness, used for the prison centipede. Signed by director Tom Six."

Price: $250

Suggested uses: A feed bag for eating snacks on the run

Appearance in Movie: The harness - well, 500 of them, actually - appears in the conjoinment scene in Human Centipede 3.

2. You Shall Go to the Ball!

Official sales description: "The original latex ball sack of prisoner 297, used for the castration scene in The Human Centipede 3."

Price: $1,500

Suggested uses: an unconventional SARS mask, an amusing alternative to a cocktail umbrella.

Appearance in Movie: the repellant prison warden Bill Boss decides to - quite literally - cut prisoner 297 down to size, removing his testicles in a graphic, wince-inducing scene in The Human Centipede 3.

1. Down to the Wire

Official sales description: "The original latex penis as was used for Martin's masturbation and rape scene. Signed by director Tom Six."

Price: $2,500

Suggested uses: a tasteful lawn ornament, an unconventional coat hook

Appearance in Movie: As The Human Centipede 2 reaches its awful climax, Martin follows suit - he coils barbed wire around his hideous chode and proceeds to enter the back end of the centipede. BAD TIMES.


Would you want to own a prop from the 'Human Centipede' movies?

Sources: Six Entertainment Company


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