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Karly Rayner

Comic-con is well known for its dazzling array of skimpy costumes that span the comic book spectrum, but I'm pretty sure you won't have seen anything like this creative mashup before!

Inspired by the iconic Victoria's Secret show's larger than life props, a band of superhero loving ladies have given the lingerie showcase a nerdy twist by combining it with an Avengers theme.

Check out the awesome images from SDCC 2015 below and decide which super-woman has power over you!

Captain America - Jacqueline Goehner

Iron Man - Miss Chrissy Lynn

Thor - Castle Corsetry

Hulk - Golden Lasso Cosplay

Black Widow - Amanda Franchini

Hawkeye - Bernadette Bentley

Scarlet Witch - Elisa Teague

Nick Fury - Ivy Doomkitty

Loki - Scruffy Rebel

(Images by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography, Corsets by Castle Corsetry and Harness and Wing Frames by Pixel Arts Props)


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