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Sad Satan has risen from the deep and confused the shit out of the Internet.

The game references JFK, Charles Manson, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination started WW1, the British BBC Presenter accused of multiple cases of child abuse Jimmy Saville, and Margaret Thatcher. Not only that, but it's packed full of menacing secret codes and extremely eery audio loops.

It was found via a subscriber to the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner and the sites owner, Jamie, took it upon himself to test the game out with no clue of the identity of its creator, other than the initials "ZK."

Jamie describes playing Sad Satan:

Strange feel to the game and there doesn’t seem to be any aim. I just wandered around and got teleported into different sections. Nothing really happened but it has an odd feeling about it and kinda freaks me out. There is more to come on this, I have a few more videos recorded and the game just keeps getting more bizarre. I don’t think I finished the game but I did delete it because it was getting a bit strange, and a note pad file that went along with the game kept appearing on my desktop each time I played the game with some gibberish messages.

The first video is largely just walking around with nothing in the background but the sound of footsteps. After a while black and white photographs of Thatcher and Saville pop up, as well as a guy that has now been identified as Franz Joseph, 9th Prince of Thurn, who lived in the last residence of Franz Ferdinand.

The second video arrived a few days later and it got weirder. Not only did images of JFK and a drawing of the "Sabbatic Goat" flash up, but some company arrived in the form of small child-like beings.

Whilst trapped with these beings, winding symbols appear - which one Reddit user has deciphered. And they are a little bit unnerving to say the least...

The third of three videos so far pays homage to Charles Manson by way of inclusion of a long speech he gave to NBC in the 1980s. The phrase, “If I started murdering people, there’d be none of you left,” pops up alongside screen text "Suffering Doesn't End."

"Suffering Doesn't End"

The hunt is now on for the author of Sad Satan, "ZK" and to discover the game's meaning. Is it a comment on assassination and child abuse or is it just someone's college project we're all reading way too much into?


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