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Ever since Miles Morales was announced in 2011 he has caused a much heated debate. Some felt Miles Morales was a PC stunt. Others felt it was a positive move. Creator Brian Micheal Bendis admitted that Morales needed to happen. Credit to Bendis for approaching a sensitive topic with Marvel's most popular character in Spider-Man.

Brian Micheal Bendis.

Bendis admitted that times needed to change. He understood the importance of having more ethnic minority superheroes today.

“Many kids of color who when they were playing superheroes with their friends, their friends wouldn’t let them be Batman or Superman because they don’t look like those heroes but they could be Spider-Man because anyone could be under that mask, But now it’s true. It’s meant a great deal to a great many people".

Brian Micheal Bendis

I agree with Bendis. There are kids of colour who play with their friends and feel left out because the mainstream superheros are white. That is why Miles Morales was so important. His presence in the comics has been ever more popular. Which has a knock on effect on Marvels new roster. The All New All Different is a diverse lineup.

Ever since Morales became Spider-man, Marvel addressed the importance of ethnic and female superheros.

The New Avengers. A diverse team of colour and gender.

Now in the new titles Miles Morales is the main Spiderman. He is going to be in New York and Peter Parker will be global. A move that I am 100% behind. Morales has been ever so popular in his five years of publication. I know that people did not think he would last a year but his mainstream titles have proved them wrong. Marvel have embraced the true demographic of today. It also gives people to be who they want.

Black people can be Spiderman without feeling out of place.

Because of the comics it gives people a positive message.

So I give absolute credit to Marvel comics but what about MCU?

Now as we all know Sony and MCU agreed a deal to sharing the rights of Spiderman. We also know that Tom Holland is the new Spiderman. Holland in my opinion will be a great Spiderman. His performance in The Impossible was absolutely amazing. So, my issue is not with Holland at all. It's with Sony and MCU.

Tom Holland will play Spiderman.

Prior to Holland casting there was talk of a black Spiderman. This came from various sources as stated...

In the official press release announcing the Sony/Marvel partnership, Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad explicitly named Peter Parker as the character who would be joining the MCU. However, TheWrap reporter Jeff Sneider has opened up fresh speculation during a recent Meet the Movie Press podcast, when he claimed that (presumably) based on his sources, it is very unlikely that Spider-Man will be played by a white actor. Here’s a transcript of the conversation...

Jeff Sneider: This is not set in stone, guys, but I’m telling you right now: Spider-Man’s not going to be white.
Nathaniel Rogers: Really?
JS: Spider-Man is not going to be white.
NR: Is that your speculation, or…?
JS: I’m 95% sure. Spider-Man’s going to be most likely black. But there’s a chance he could also be latino. 95% sure: not white.
NR: If that happens then, damn it Marvel, if that happens do not call on Peter Parker. Call on Miles Morales, please.

There was a number of links stating that Spiderman will be black or hispanic. For me, Miles Morales in the MCU would of been a great move. However, Sony who really ruined Spiderman with their Amazing Spiderman series sent an email to MCU stating what Spiderman must be.

Agreed so far..
The telling demands that Spiderman MUST be white and straight.

Now, this email was sent after the rumour mill of a black Spiderman began. It seems that Sony and MCU missed a great opportunity to make a statement. It would of been a positive message to ethnic minorities and the general audience as a whole that colour should not be an issue. I believe that Sony got scared of Morales. They were afraid that he actually might be in the MCU.

Miles Morales as Spiderman.

With Morales being the new Spiderman is a testament to his popularity in Marvel comics. I do wish that Sony and MCU followed suit. But being diverse in comics is one thing but being diverse on the big screen is another. Why? Because fanboys read comics. They are devoted to comics. On the big screen however, there is a larger audience and larger marketing. When a high profile movie comes out people will watch the movie even it's not their interest. Movies are promoted through posters, billboards, trailers,Internet and genera word of mouth. So hypothetically, if Miles Morales was announced as Spiderman in the MCU. His name would be even more popular and that is what Sony are afraid of.

Miles Morales in action.

So Sony and MCU did a very smart thing. They made sure that Peter Parker is a young 17 year old. Which would of course mean that Holland will be Spiderman for a long time. It's a move that is very calculating but smart.


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