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What ever will people think of next!? Above Average have gruesomely gone ahead and dissected a loveable little Minion from Despicable Me/The Minions.

We absolutely loved watching those cheeky little dudes dance around on screen, but we left the theater thinking, “I wonder what the inside of a Minion looks like.” So, we took one to a laboratory and cut one of ‘em open!

This article is not for the squeamish. If you are sensitive to realistic looking blood then head over and watch the Care Bears or something. But, if you have ever had the question wiring across your mind 'what might a minion look like on the inside?' Then reader you are about to find the answer to your question.

Above Average hoisted up a minion (which I do hope was already dead) and took it along to find out if it was yellow inside too.

First, They discovered that a Minion had red and not yellow blood:

Wow, so much blood. Universal Entertainment created some more complex characters than we could have even imagined. This is the scalpel after Julianne was done with it:

The poor little one bled and bled:

It was all intestines and blood. Check out some of the rags Julianne used to clean up

This next image almost gave me a teary eye. Rest In Peace little one:

We all thought, because of their bouncy demeanor, a Minion would be filled with a sweet sponge-like substance, similar to a Twinkie.

Look at its blood and guts. I cant even.

So, there we go now you know how a dissected minion may look thanks to Above Average


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