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Civil War , the movie that all Marvel fans anticipate for! The War between the Avengers! Whose side are each of them? Everybody wonders ( Except whose who have read the comics , but even they are not sure because maybe things will change). Yeah Got it ....

Spoiler alert : In the comics Captain Dies....but

We many have read the rumors about Robert Downey Jr that maybe he will not continue with his role as Iron Man , so is there a possibility they will change the comic end just for this? I hope not ....

If this happens the following photo describes me perfectly

Yes as you imagine I am on Tony Stark's side

Come on guys is Tony Stark , fan favourite! He can not die by Captain America ... Captain should have died decades ago ... Sorry Captain Fans but that's it ...Iron Man is a really important member of the Avengers , even though with the mistakes he has done ( Ultron ). I hope the comics end will not change and of course Robert Downey Jr stays as the heroe we all loved


Whose Side are you On?


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