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Comic-Con 2015 is sadly over. But, man wasn't it huge?! Marvel didn't host this year, but DC covered for them. We got a trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that gave us a look at Wonder Woman, the desert Batsuit, Lex Luthor and KRYPTONITE! We got our very first look at the Suicide Squad, complete with the debut of Jared Leto's Joker. The only thing that was missing was his laugh. The most amazing thing about this, is that it's only the tip of the iceberg. DC has so many plans that they could potentially change the superhero industry all together. It looks like they'll be giving fans what they loved most about the DC comic books...

A Darker Tone of Film

"Tell me. Do you bleed?"
"Tell me. Do you bleed?"

No matter how dark the trailer may look, you always walk out of a Marvel movie feeling more excited than intense. This isn't a problem for the movies, it's just part of their nature. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the darker movies, which are more grounded and realistic with how people are motivated to do horrible things.

If they're gonna be anything like their source material, that's what the DCCU is going to be like and that's what I'm excited about. I mean, look at Man of Steel. In the end, Superman is forced to take the life of Zod to stop him from killing an innocent. Right in that moment, director Zack Snyder understood that Superman wasn't always going to be able to do the right thing; that sometimes, he would have to pay the price.

Even though he took Zod's life, he did it after Zod and him managed to kill thousands of lives and level entire city blocks in their wake. It looks like Batman is going to make sure that Superman answers for that. If you haven't already seen the trailer, check it out below.

Every Batman fan knows that if there's one thing the Dark Knight will not stand for, it's the destruction of other lives, especially if it creates orphans like him. And if he really holds Superman accountable, there's no escape for the Man of Steel. Despite the movie's title, the conflict isn't just a simple brawl between two superheroes. It's a brawl that hits both of them back home, because it makes them question the very foundations of their crusades.

A Team Composed of Villains

And if you thought that Guardians of the Galaxy was a wild card for Marvel, you clearly haven't seen the trailer for Suicide Squad. This entails a task force the government assembles to go on missions that could result in their demise. Oh, and the team is made up of the worst criminals they managed to lock up. This includes Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and more. Talk about characters with questionable moralities!

This is a guaranteed magnet for the hardcore fans out there. The Suicide Squad has always been a fan favorite for many. People are tired of seeing main characters with clearly labeled moralities, who never crossed the line that separates good from evil. The characters of Suicide Squad are bound to be a refreshing change of pace. Some of them are questionable because they do evil things for good purposes. Some, like the Enchantress, have the worst luck and are forced to fall on a path of evil. Others are just plain evil, doing things for their own selfish reasons. Who wouldn't wanna see characters like that?

Female Characters Won't Have to Share the Spotlight

Ever since Marvel Studios began the uproar of superhero films, female characters have been surrounded by male superheroes, never given a chance to shine. That's changing more and more now, thanks to shows like Agent Carter and the upcoming Supergirl. But we have yet to see a superhero movie with a female lead.

Not until 2017 that is, when Gal Gadot stars in the new film, Wonder Woman. It's just a match made in Heaven for Wonder Woman to be the first female character to get her own movie, as she's been a symbol of power and independence in the female community since her first issue. I know there are people who will disagree with me, but I don't think there are a lot of women better for the role than Gal Gadot.

After she won the Miss Israel pageant in 2004, she served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years. Then she enrolled in law school, never intending to pursue a career in acting until her agent convinced her to audition as a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. I have a feeling when Gadot puts that costume on, she'll easily show Wonder Woman is a character who won't let others underestimate her because of her sex. If they do, they'll regret it.

Us fans have waited a very long time for these movies, but it looks like DC will be rewarding us for our patience. We'll soon be seeing darker films like the Dark Knight, bad guys against bad guys, and all the characters we grew up with back on the big screen. Like I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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