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I like animation (you don't say?)
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Ever come across any Celtics arts, like songs, pictures, music, dances, etc? Do you like it? If yes is your answer than this Irish animation is a must in your movie list. Never really pay attention to Celtics? No worries, this movie can be your introductory material as you come inside the magical worlds of Gaelic speaking cultures.

here is the movie I've been talking about:

Song of the Sea

  • Type: Movie (duration: 93 minutes)
  • Studio: Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)
  • Director: Tomm Moore
  • Writer: Tomm Moore (story), Will Collins
  • Music: Bruno Coulais (feat. Kila)
  • Cast: David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson, Lisa Hannigan, Fionnula Flanagan, Lucy O'Connel
  • Released date: 6 Sept. 2014

The story is about a young boy name Ben who went into a magical adventures to save his little sister, Saoirse - who apparently a selkie - from a witch. Along the way, both of them also realize that the fate of other magical creatures from Celtic legends that was trapped in the human world were in their hands. The whole movie is basically like a simple yet beautiful present from my beloved parents: the skin alone may not be the most beautiful thing in the world, but the value makes it one and is worth for generations to admire.

This movie has a simple story line but enough to gather some of the beautiful creatures from many Celtic folk stories into one beautiful package. Don't even mention the art and the music: marvelous. The drawing is actually a typical Cartoon Network-ish (well, Cartoon Saloon did make something for Cartoon Network before), not that it's bad but the real beauty strive from the pattern in between those main line. the color is also a candy to the eye; soft but somehow manage to make the movie become even more magical. The music were play mainly using only strings, piano, and flute (and Kila *yeaahhh), but hey, it was simplicity at its best. I'm not any Celtic more over Irish master, but this movie makes me believe that that's how the Irish dance, sing, and speak. Trust me, you gotta love that accent fufufufufu

It's sad but i have to admit that the more i think about it, that simple story line has some holes. it was simple, yet it cannot really explain some questions that popped up in my mind by the end of the movie. oh well. pretty much that's the only minus thing that i have to deal with, so i'm just going to let it go~

over all, it's a perfect movie for family time also a perfect ingredients for your kids (if you have one) to have a good quality watch with some cultural studies and philosophy by the funny-sweet magical creatures. this movie is not an action movie, but it has its own class. Tomm Moore really proved himself to be one of the best director in the animation world with this movies, after his 'The secret of Kells' also got an academic award nomination for best animation in 2010. you can feel his love all over this cultures from both this and Kells movie. isn't that sweet?

I give this timeless gems 8 out of 10 because although it got one of the best arts and animation, the plot hole just cannot be ignore and as much as i hate it, sometimes it might be a little sweet, you'll find yourself looking at your wrist watch especially if you're not familiar enough to appreciate the cultural element in this movie. yes, it's depends on people taste by the end of the day anyway, but good thing always worth the try ya? *wink

now go and watch it!


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