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The long march to the silver screen has begun forStar Trek 3! Filming has commenced in Vancouver, and the studio recently released a video from the set, offering fans the chance to win a walk-on role. The most exciting thing (besides being able to actually see the Enterprise without lens flares!) was Idris Elba's casual appearance at the end, confirming his role in the upcoming film. He also did a little break dance, you should check it out.

But the burning question remains: just what are we gonna see in Star Trek 3? There were plenty of unresolved issues in Star Trek Into Darkness, giving Star Trek 3 lots to deal with. We've also had some delightful hints from writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin! I've already explored what the new creators mean for the Trek franchise (and why I'm excited!), and you can read about that here. In light of Into Darkness' revelations, what could we see happen next?

Militarisation of Starfleet

What... fun uniforms.
What... fun uniforms.

This has long been a hotly contested issue, among fans and the creators of the shows and films. The Original Series sought to emulate the style of seafaring exploration, with a crew structure that had a strict naval hierarchy. However, Gene Roddenberry was very strict in his ideas. He wanted Trek to be optimistic, to show a version of humanity that has evolved beyond violence. The Enterprise was on a mission of exploration, and also of peace keeping, patrolling the Federation's territory within the Alpha Quadrant and striking out to forge new alliances.

A noble mission, and one that we will finally return to in Star Trek 3. But Roddenberry was not the only creator of Star Trek. With a franchise that spans 6 shows (yes, I'm counting The Animated Series) and 3 film series over the last 49 years, many different writers and directors have had their hand in the plot pot. And Abrams is not the first to reveal the Federation's underlying military force. In fact, Nicholas Meyer, who directed Wrath Of Khan, wanted to show Starfleet's darker side, and even redesigning the costumes to make them look more like naval uniforms.

Into Darkness again explored these issues, causing even stalwart Scotty to question the Federation's motives. How will Star Trek 3 deal with the corruption that Into Darkness revealed? And was Section 31 completely destroyed by Khan? With the crew away from Earth, will Starfleet descend further into corruption? Star Trek: Deep Space 9 revealed that Section 31 had been in place from Starfleet's very inception. Could we start to see clandestine missions and assassinations, all conducted under the protection of the Federation?

A new frontier

Scotty's face in the back tho
Scotty's face in the back tho

However, Pegg and Lin seem keen to step out from Abrams' shadow, taking the Enterprise on a new voyage far far away from Earth. While this will give us a much needed fresh perspective, and herald a return to the structure of The Original Series (and The Next Generation, for that matter), it means that we're unlikely to see the corruption of Starfleet addressed.

So what will we see, with Lin at the helm? The [Fast & Furious 6](tag:37143) director is excited to explore some character development. For him, putting the crew in new and different situations is the perfect opportunity to test their limits, and bring them together as not just coworkers, but friends.

"They haven’t really gone on their five-year mission, so what we experienced in the TV show hasn’t been touched on yet. That sets up an opportunity for exploration and the deeper you go, the more you are examining humanity. Those are the things that I absorbed as a kid and hope to tap into and embrace and celebrate."

We're also getting plenty of new characters to discover: Pegg has promised new aliens, and I personally cannot wait to see Idris Elba in a Starfleet uniform... Elba has been rumoured to play the villain of the film, but whether he will be human, or a maniacal alien despot, remains to be seen.

Homage to TOS

A Piece of the Action
A Piece of the Action

Now that they're off on the five year mission, could we see the reboot crew embark on some of the adventures of The Original Series? Though Pegg and Lin want to explore new territory, as fans of the shows I'm sure they'll slip in some references and homages.

And with Paramount pushing a genre-shift, maybe Star Trek 3 will see the crew encounter a planet like that of A Piece Of The Action, obsessed with 20s era mobsters. Or perhaps we'll get strange android clones, or Spock without a brain, or tribbles, or...

I'm getting carried away. The possibilities are endless. So what would you like to see in Star Trek 3? Should Pegg and Lin emulate The Original Series, or create their own new alien races? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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